Discovering Milan

Discovering Milan
Updated 2019-05-29 07:57

Deciding to visit Milan doesnt need motivation. It is a natural consequence of its great fame. But there are many reasons to move to Milan, whether for work, studies, or doing business. It is, in fact, a strategic move that explains why some consider Milan the de facto capital of Italy.

First steps in the city of fashion

Milan is an instant boom. It is a vibrant city, full of opportunities and tempting stimuli. It is, in fact, a clash between the Italian tradition and globalization that brought international spirit to the capital of Lombardy. This city has the largest metropolitan area in Italy and is described as its epicentre of arts, design, entertainment, fashion and finance. It offers a considerable amount of opportunities for work or research in any field and strikes with its fantastic beauty and architecture. In one word, Milan is a city that offers everything but still feels like home.

For fashion lovers

The city's main centre starts with the connection to the metropolitan station Duomo that reveals the main square characterized by the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, Duomo di Milano. This area is wonderfully diverse, and it is full of fashion stores that lead to some of the main attractions in Milan such as Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and Montenapoleone that show the real fashion glamour of the city. The delicately arranged shops attract daily millions of people who are interested in fashion and design. In addition to that, the city hosts events such as Design Week and Fashion Week that highlight, even more, the stylish spirit of Milan.

For nature lovers

Milan is perfect for those who seek outdoor activities and day trips. It has many local parks among which the largest ones are the Parco Sempione and Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, which are great for running and picnics. Another fantastic opportunity for long runs or bike trips are the canals known as Navigli. These canals were constructed by the famous Leonardo da Vinci, and today offer long bike tracks, each leading to a different location. Therefore Naviglio Martesana, located in the North, connects with the Adda Lake. Naviglio Pavese flows to the city of Pavia, and Naviglio Grande (the Big Naviglio) leads to a national park known as Parco Ticino.

For those who seek for good food and fun

Milan offers excellent nightlife opportunities for bar-lovers and those keen on clubbing. It daily has a significant amount of events and concerts and has clubs suited for every interest. It is also famous for the concept of aperitivo that is organized by the bars and offers the possibility to have a drink or a cocktail with free food in the evening hours (19-21h). Aperitivos are the main going out events that attract plenty of people, especially in the Navigli Area. The aperitivos are usually considered as a 'finger food' though in some places they offer plenty of food and could even replace dinner, hence the term apericena (aperitivo and dinner). For those who seek for more traditional options, there are fantastic trattorie that offer some of the Milanese specialities like cotoletta alla milanese or risotto allo zafferano.

For the outdoor lovers

Being in the Alps region, Milan offers possibilities for hiking and skiing with affordable train trips to the Alps, the Dolomites or even daily trips to Como and Lecco, which provide an easy opportunity to visit the Como Lake. The city is quite close to the Liguria region too and offers daily possibilities for beach visits in the summer days. For those who miss water and nature, there is also a possibility to visit the Idroscalo Park, one of the largest parks in Milan that offers nature, beach and outdoor activities and is known as 'the sea of Milan'.

For the meteopaths

Being located in the north-west of Italy, Milan often has a humid climate, and it is characterized by cool and rainy winters and very hot and sunny summers. The regular rain showers especially typical for autumn and winter make a good raincoat an absolute must. The hot summers bring aggressive mosquitoes (especially close to the canals) and sun and are almost unbearable without air conditioning and spray protection.

For those who like informal meetings

The Italian habit of gathering includes drinking in the open, chatting, and meeting friends. Some of the most famous places to do that are known by the names Colonne di San Lorenzo and Darsena, which are located close to the Navigli area and allow people to meet friends outside until late night hours. There are no specific restrictions, and these areas are friendly, safe and cheap way to enjoy a beer in the good weather without the need for clubbing.

Milan is a place that is easy to fall in love with. It is a city that can suit the needs of every person no matter if they are fashion bloggers, people in search of business opportunities, adventurers, or just friendly tourists.

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