Transports in Ireland

Transports in Ireland
Updated 2020-01-21 13:03

If you are in Ireland, you will naturally want to travel around to different parts and see what the country has to offer. There are a number of different options for you to choose from when it comes to transportation.

The local transportation system

The best transportation system in Ireland is in the capital city of Dublin. You will have a lot fewer options the further you move out of Dublin. Therefore, it is a good idea to research what type of transportation is available in a given area you are thinking about visiting. 


There is a Dublin Bus service which caters for the greater Dublin area. This bus system links most of the city together with regular buses. Fares start at €2.15 if you are paying by cash and can rise to €3.30 when you go by more than 13 stops. 

There are also other buses that transport you around the country, hitting major towns. Some towns may have their own bus services operating in the area too, catering for more rural areas. 


There is a train service catering just for the Dublin area called the DART. This runs mainly on the coast of Dublin and is a popular option for those commuting to work. An average price for a single way ticket if paying by cash would be €2.70.

There is also the Irish Rail system which links most of the major towns in Ireland to one another. This is the preferred form of transport for many people when making a trip around the country. Each way fares will start at the €16 mark and rise up to €23 if you book well in advance.


There is a metro service in Dublin called the Luas. This is a useful service that is gradually extending to reach other parts of the city. It allows you to get from one side of the city to the other without having to get off. It starts at €2.10 for a ticket and can rise to €3.20 depending on how many stages you go.


There are extensive taxi services in Dublin, with ride-sharing apps such as Uber not being available due to the regulated taxi industry. Most towns will also have local taxi men who will be of great help for transporting you to and from your destinations if needed. 


There is not really any carpooling system in Ireland. You will not have a lane dedicated to carpooling on highways, so you will have to make do in the normal lanes. 

Renting a car in Ireland

As most of the cars in Ireland are manual stick shifts, there will be less choice for those used to driving automatics when renting a car. These will also be a bit more expensive than their manual counterparts. It is easy to rent a car, and there are numerous major collection and drop off point across the country. 

There is also a go and drop car service in Dublin where you can pick up a car at a designated spot and use it as you need once you enter in your key details. 

Biking in Ireland

Biking is very popular in Ireland, particularly in cities and towns. There is a public bike service in Dublin where you can hop on and off bikes at allocated points around the city for a cost.

Transportation prices in Ireland

Generally, the prices of public transport in Ireland are quite reasonable. You will get cheaper rates if you are a student and if you obtain a LEAP card which can be topped up. You simply tap the card when you get on the bus. 

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