Things to do in Ireland

Leisure activities in Ireland
Updated 2020-01-21 12:42

There are many different environments and activities for you to enjoy in Ireland. There is something for everyone. If you like city activities, seaside activities or you prefer to be in the midst of beautiful nature; you will have everything you need in Ireland. 

Things you can see and do alone in Ireland

There are many amazing cathedrals and castles across the country with a lot of history. The historical architecture is rife, and you can see some great places such as Howth Castle in Dublin, the Blarney Castle in Cork and Renvy Castle in Galway. 

There are many well-preserved abbeys and cathedrals across the country also. You can see the famous St Patricks Cathedral in Dublin, as well St Mary's Cathedral in Killarney and Meadow Abbey in Kilkenny. 

There are many great nature trails and forests across the country. The Wild Atlantic Way is a set of trails going inland and by the coast, keeping you away from the car traffic. You can walk these routes or cycle them for some breathtaking experiences. 

There are many beaches around the coasts of Ireland, as well as great hiking locations. The West Coast is the ideal spot for beaches where you are exposed to the Atlantic Ocean. Clew Bay in Mayo has some of the most stunning views in all of Ireland. In Wicklow, you can see the Powerscourt Waterfall and check out the Bray to Greystones cliff walk.

Things to do with family or with friends in Ireland

While you can do a lot of the activities mentioned above with your family, there are some other activities that may be better suited to grounds. Bunratty Castle in Clare offers you a great insight into castle life, and you can even attend a real-life dinner feast. 

For a more light-hearted day, you can visit Westport House in County Mayo which has a stately home, paddle boats, a mini railway, slides and pirate ships. 

For a more adult-orientated day, you can visit the Jameson Distillery or the Guinness Brewery in the heart of Dublin city. You can also attend the counties live music and comedy events held across the country. 

The Irish cuisine

The local cuisine varies widely, with influences from different parts of Europe found in Ireland. There is a big emphasis on seafood around the coastal areas of Ireland. Stews are very popular, as are traditional Irish staple dishes like bacon and cabbage. There is always going to be something for all tastes if you are eating out in the bigger towns of Ireland. 

Eating out in Ireland

You will find many great restaurants and pubs around the country. Just like anywhere you go, online reviews can help you to decide which place will be a good fit for you. If you are in a more rural area of the country, you likely will not have access to these reviews. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to eat in places where the locals also are eating. If you are in Dublin, read more in our article "The food scene in Dublin". 

Shopping in Ireland

There is great shopping in and around Dublin. You have shopping streets in the city centre such as Henry Street and Grafton Street. Out in the suburbs, you have Dundrum shopping mall, which is easily accessible using public transport from the city centre. While there are other pockets of shopping across Ireland, your best bet in this regard will be Dublin. 

Outside Dublin, you have the Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick, Golden Island Shopping Centre in Westmeath, Courtyard Shopping Centre in Donegal and Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork. 

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