Best places to visit in Dublin

Published 2020-06-29 09:19

Dublin is one of those cities that you have to visit at least once in your life. The metropolitan outlook with beautiful sights makes it an exciting tourist destination. However, the metropolitan outlook shouldnt intimidate you at all because Dubliners are good-natured and cheerful people known for their craic, so you are guaranteed to have a fun time in their company. As for leisure activities, theres no shortage of thematic bars that you can go to in order to enjoy a pint of Guinness, but there are also a lot of museums, galleries, historic and natural attractions to visit.


If you come to a new city, museums are probably one of the first places that you think about visiting. When it comes to Dublin, this is a must if you want to have a truly rich Irish cultural experience. The many museums of Dublin preserve the heritage of this unique nation and give you the opportunity to take a little look into its beautiful and tumultuous history. You can go to the Kilmainham Gaol if you want to see one of the symbols of Irish nationalism. Another interesting destination is The Irish Emigration Museum, where you can virtually trace the history of Irish ex-pats. For avid literature fans, there's the Dublin Writers Museum where you can admire and enjoy the unique literary heritage of Ireland. If you want to get a taste of the local history, you should visit The Little Museum of Dublin, which is considered one of Ireland's best museums. Most of the artifacts in the museum are donated by people in Dublin. The city is also known for its free-entry museums, such as The National Library of Ireland, The National Gallery of Ireland, The Natural History Museum, The Hugh Lane Gallery, and The Chester Beatty Library.


Irish bars/pubs are a trademark of Irish culture and the most popular of them are located in Dublin. Pubs are the best place to find some famous Irish ‘craic' or otherwise said, a pint of good cheer. For a person living in Dublin, going to a pub might be just a place to go to after work or on weekends with friends. For a tourist, however, it is a wonderfully authentic cultural experience. If you want to experience the lively bar scene of Dublin in all its glory, you have to go to the Temple Bar district. This is where the city's most famous entertainment venues are. The Temple Bar pub is among the most popular and most photographed pubs in the country. It was established in 1840 and features Ireland's largest collection of rare whiskies. It is also a great place to enjoy live music and traditional dance shows. Music and dance are an inherent part of Irish culture, so you'll see dancers parading their Irish dance shoes to the rhythm of live Irish music quite often in pubs. Fitzsimons Temple Bar is another great spot for traditional dance and music. Outside of the Temple Bar district, there's the O'Neill's, a cozy little bar where you can enjoy a nice Irish dancing session and some live music on a Friday or Saturday night from 5 pm to 8 pm. For a truly bucolic experience, you can go to Johnny Foxes', which is located in the Dublin mountains and is a very popular destination for tourists. They are known for their delicious food, live music and dance performances, and hospitality to visiting tourists.

Beautiful scenery

Dublin doesn't have only historic landmarks and amazing entertainment venues, it also has beautiful natural landscapes. You can go on a hiking trip to the Dublin Mountains and enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery. If you want a relaxing stroll near Dublin, you can walk the Howth Cliff Path Loop to get some fresh air away from the bustling city and enjoy the spectacular cliff scenery. Another place where you can go to admire beautiful landscapes is Pheonix Park, which is one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe. There you'll see the president's official residence, the Dublin Zoo, and the Victorian People's Flower Gardens. The majestic grass and woodland areas with its wild flora and fauna, the clear waters of the River Liffey's tributaries, and numerous plant species make Pheonix Park an unforgettable natural landmark.

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