Sports in Ireland

Sports in Ireland
Updated 2020-01-21 12:23

Sports are a massive part of the culture in Ireland. There are traditional Irish games that are massively popular. Then, there are more commonplace sports that also take up considerable interest in the country. 

The most popular sports activities in Ireland

Gaelic games are the most popular pursuits in Ireland. This mainly covers Gaelic football and hurling. These are two sports that have been played in Ireland for centuries, and they have a rich tradition. Other popular sports include soccer, rugby and golf.

Indoor sports in Ireland

Ireland has a tradition of producing good boxers, and in more recent years there have been some good MMA fighters coming out of the country. Other popular indoor activities in Ireland include badminton and squash. 

Outdoor sports in Ireland

As mentioned, Gaelic football and hurling are staples of Irish sport. Gaelic football is like a hybrid of rugby and soccer. It is a physical sport, and there are local club teams and representative county teams. The county teams playa against each other throughout the year, culminating in the All Ireland Final which takes place in Croke Park, which holds over 82,000 people. 

Hurling is the fastest field sport in the world, and you use a stick known as a hurley to hit a ball not dissimilar to a lacrosse ball into the goal or over the crossbar. There are 15 players on a pitch, and the makeup of the sport is similar to that of Gaelic football. 

Rugby has largely been growing in recent years. Traditionally, it was a sport mainly played in the private school system. However, with the success of provincial and national teams in recent years, its influence has begun to spread into the public school system across the country. The Ireland rugby team is one of the best in the world. 

Soccer is also very popular, with the local leagues having great traditions. A lot of the best players in this league will often go across the water to England and Scotland to play at a higher level. 

There is a massive amount of golf courses across Ireland, and they have some famous golfers hailing from these shores. In recent years, the likes of Padraig Harrington, Rory Mcilroy and Shane Lowry have won massive events in the game. 

Outdoor sports like horse riding, sailing, rowing, fishing, surfing, swimming, tennis and cycling are also extremely popular. 

Gym subscriptions in Ireland

There are countless gyms across Ireland, and the subscription fees vary depending on what type of gym it may be. Some gyms will be more focused on serious powerlifters, with others focusing on weight loss or bodybuilding. You should do your research, partake in a few free trials to find a gym that fits your needs. You can sign up to a gym subscription on a monthly basis or yearly terms. You can even pay as you go if you wish. 

Generally, you will be looking at paying EUR20-30 a month for the more commercial gyms. This will rise for higher-end gyms, with the likes of the Westwood Gym franchise in Dublin costing approximately EUR60-70 a month. 

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