Impossible to get car insurance in Ireland

Hi Everyone,

I am desperate for help here. I have recently bought a car in Ireland and have since been trying to get car insurance. At first we couldn't get any insurance company to even give us a quote, we then had to use the declined cases agreement to force Liberty into providing us with a quote. Finally after weeks of struggling Liberty came back with a quote of e5000. This amount is just ridiculous. We are now facing the possibility of not being able to get car insurance at all which will mean that we will have to live without a car.

I am completely hopeless and it feels as though there is no way forward here.

I have contacted insurance Ireland to see if they could help us in terms of lowering the price of our quote due to the amount being unaffordable- they have since come back to me saying that there is nothing that can be done.

We are both over the age of 25. I have 7 years of driving experience and my partner has 9 years of driving experience.

Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been through the same thing before?

I am desperate for any help/ advice.

You didn't give any information as to WHY you are finding it hard to get insurance.

Are you a disastrous driver, with any convictions?  Are you an immigrant?

The insurance ombudsman should have been able to help you, and there is a lot you can do about stupid insurance quotes. 

My friend, who had immigrated from India, had the same problem some years ago.  I called the insurance ombudsman on his behalf, and the answer I received was this.


Call the insurance ombudsman, and get them to help you.  But find out first why the quote is so ridiculously high.