Struggling with Car insurance?

I've struggled so much to get car insurance, after driving (outside the country) with a clean record for ever. After 1 year with Zurich where they wanted another €1600 to insure a 2017 car, I contacted these brokers. Barrett Private Insurances.

In a few minutes I was given a quote - a third of my Zurich renewal. They insure via Chubb in the uk. Dealt with Max Ludwig [email protected] - guy was quick, polite and efficient.

*disclaimer, I'm in no way associated with them, just wanted to share with others after having a horrible time dealing with car insurers in Ireland.

Hi MadHorse,

Thank you for this sharing of information.

However, i would advise you to recommend this car insurance in the business directory > car insurance.

Priscilla  :cheers:

Thank you for this suggestion- I have contacted them, but they were unable to help us :(