Insuring a car in Ireland without an Irish licence


I am looking to insure a car I just bought here in Ireland, but am now realizing that it's pretty difficult without an Irish licence! I have a full Canadian licence (from British Columbia) and a Canadian International Licence.

I have tried many companies, but most deny me straight away, or tell me first I need to get an Irish provisional licence and go through the whole process, which is not really worth it for me as I will only be living in Ireland for another year or so.

Does anyone know a company that may be able to help me out?



I had the same problem only with a U.S. & International license and found insurance at AXA.  I went into one of their offices and walked out with insurance on the car I just bought.  It's expensive but but I got it.

I am surprised of these difficulties as when I arrived in Ireland from France in 2006 I had my french car insured and nobody asked me to change my driving licence. I think that nowadays if you have an european driving licence you are not obliged to change it but if you decide it must be done before the end of the 10th year. ,,, however if your driving licence has been delivered by any other country you have to refer to this website :

I was told by several sources including my insurance agent and Immigration Officer that my US and International licenses would be good for one year. After that I would need an Irish license.

i am sure it was right some months ago but the law has changed recently and it seems wiser to have a look at the irish motor taxation website which is very helpful.

Try AXA. They treat non Irish licenses equivalent to Irish Provisional Licenses. The cost will be steep but you would get one. I got mine for 1200€ on the basis of my India license.

Contact Terry Yorke in AXA Malahide Branch (01 8456490)

Convert your current license to a Irish one