Second hand cars and associated taxes

Hi all,

We will need to buy a 2nd hand car when we move to Dublin/Navan. My partner has been looking for a sedan size car or enough to fit 2 car seats. We can't figure out what the expected road costs or taxes are supposed to be for specific types or cars... is it size of car? Or engine? Or fuel type? There doesn't seem to be a reason why some cars have less tax cost than others?
Can someone explain to us what best options are?



Vehicle road tax in  Ireland is calculated as a percentage of the open market selling price (OMSP) of the vehicle. The OMSP is the "expected retail price" and includes all taxes (Including VAT) previously paid in the state; Irish tax and customs have a website that will tell you what that value is; this link will take you there.

The actual rate for a car is 13.3% of OMSP (subject to a minimum tax of €125).

Hope this helps.

Expat Team