The ten phrases expats could do without when announcing their move

Published 2019-09-05 09:05

Announcing your moving abroad plans to your loved ones is no easy feat. Apprehension, fear of hurting them and causing sadness, fear of not being understood… It is often a difficult first step and you will almost always have to deal with a few very simplistic reactions. Reactions that expats could definitely do without! Here are ten things that expatriates hate to hear when announcing their departure.

Are you not going to come back, ever?

Wait, I'm not even gone yet, allow me to live and make the most of this adventure and we'll see what life has in store for me!

Are you not going to miss the food?

Yes, probably. But I might not, you know? Afterall, I am going abroad to discover new things and this will probably include the gastronomy. I will go on a local food binge when I come back on vacation.

But, it is a completely different language? How will you  manage?

Adapt, learn... In fact, that's exactly what I am looking for by moving to a whole different country. Getting out of my comfort zone, learning a new language, a new culture...

Are you not afraid of losing your culture and your roots?

Uh absolutely not ! I will surely change, become more open minded, adopt new habits and discover new traditions that I might love but my history is not something I will lose overnight.

How about your retirement, did you think about it?

Yes, unfortunately, it is a hassle. But I will find out about the retirement plan options in my host country. Maybe I'll even find better options out there!

You will miss everything! Your cousin’s wedding, the birth of her baby, your neighbor’s 50th birthday celebration !

Certainly, there are events, celebrations and life milestones that I might miss. And this might be very difficult at times and particularly hard when my loved ones are going through rough times but I would do my best to be present for them. And it is not like I could not come back when I need to.

What happens if you get sick? Or if you have a problem abroad?

Well, my host country will definitely have a healthcare system of some sort, right? How do the locals live? I’ll do just the same! Also… health insurance!

Are not you afraid of not being able to integrate properly?

With all the mobile apps available, social networks, outing groups to meet locals and expatriates, I should be fine, really.

How about the children?

Having children should not be a barrier to expatriation. Actually, it is a unique experience to share with your children and they will get to learn about different cultures!

I could never do that, are you not scared?

A little scared, yes, but mostly impatient and excited. Expatriation is an adventure that comes with its share of apprehension, but to get started, you have to know how to see all the positive sides of this experience that can be this rewarding.