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Bonn is one of Germany's oldest cities, with a more than 2,000 years old history. It is very welcoming towards expatriates looking forward to study or work in a dynamic, productive and competitive area.

Famous for being the birthplace of the influential composer Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn nowadays has a rather young attitude thanks to its cultural wealth: the ideal place to live an enriching expat experience.

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Baskets Life Travel

5 years ago

Stacey is the wife of a Professional Basketball Player and Mom to a traveling Basketball family. She has relocated to, and lived in 5 different countries. She has also traveled extensively through most of Europe. She shares destination etiquette, daily life, and travel tips, for expat women & families.

Baskets Life

5 years ago

This is our story of selling everything we had, and moving across the world to be with the man we loved! This is about all the things we have learned along the way! Including, moving multiple times, making new friends and then leaving them behind, the amazing places we have traveled, the Languages we have learned, the food we love, the things we miss, and how we have learned to live, love and laugh as an amazing baskets family! If anything we have learned can help you, inspire you ? or just entertain you and you make you smile then my blog will be all worth while! Thank you for reading and Please enjoy or crazy Baskets Life!


6 years ago

Daily expat family life outside an international community can be more than just a cultural experience - sometimes challenging, always enlightening but nevertheless an adventure! After 20 years of living abroad I was persuaded to start my own blog - a personal journal featuring mainly travel, creative and shopping tips in the Bonn / Siebengebirge / Rhineland area of Germany and sometimes beyond.


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4 months ago
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