Resi­dence permit for highly quali­fied to look for work - Sweden


Anybody know how long will take to get a visa after submitting application for above subject visa category?

And what is the best time to come to Stockholm to find a IT job.

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You can read the following discussions which can give you an idea of the amount of time you will have to wait: Permanent Residence Permit and Residence permit.

On another note, what exactly do you mean by "best time"?


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Thanks Yoginee for sharing discussion links .
Best time means the best whether to arrive to the country or /some time employees move from companies to companies after they got bonus or such like that...
@Yoginee hi Yoginee,
Sorry to jump on the wagon here but I had the same question as well with respect to the decision time for this visa. I understand this is a new visa which was recently announced. So the statistics may not be out there.
I checked the links you mentioned in your response, but unfortunately they were about coming to live with family visa. Un related to the new visa that the OP was talking about.
I scoured the forum for any other threads but haven't managed to find one.
A quick Internet search tells me it's 1 to 3 months, but the Swedish migration website says its 12 months! However I think that's for a work permit visa and not for the job seeker visa recently introduced. There isn't a lot of info available on this just yet even on on the Swedish migration agency website either!
It's been 2 weeks since I've submitted my application . Fingers crossed I hear from them soon!
Please shed some light on this in case you have any information
Thank you!

@Lim Iball did you get any news on your application now that its been a month?

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Did you submit your application as well?

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@Yoginee yes - a week back and i have been assigned the case officer as well. i just wanted to know how much time the immigration agency takes after case officer is assigned

@chhavibhatnagar1 hi Chavi,

no I haven't yet been assigned a case officer yet. Surprised to read that you've been assigned one given you submitted application only a week back. Are you a PhD holder by any chance?

Hello Folks, thank you very much for starting this thread, this will certainly help those who are planning to apply for this program.

I am thinking to apply for this program, and my objective is to start business in Sweden. I have completed Masters from Sweden in 2009, and have more than 10 years of experience in IT and Telecom industry.

I need to know while filling out my application, is it prerequisite to specifically mention my future plans or should I let it open and mention that wither I will be seeking a job or start my business and will decide after my arrival in Sweden whichever option is suitable for me.

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Anyone being awarded RP? if so how much time they took to process your application.



Good day Guys,

Has anybody got the jobseeker visa so far? i applied in Aug. 2022 and still waiting.

Hi @chhavibhatnagar1

How did you manage to find out about your case officer?

@R1z Same boat as you mate. No response from them yet.

Hi, how come we know that case officer is assigned ? anybody got the jobseeker visa so far?

Hi , I have applied RP on July 7 for my new job and it's been close to 4 months. Is it right time for me to use "request to conclude" now?


Before applying Im also searchin whether any one has got the job seeker visa but couldnt find any body.pls reply if theres any one. Seems they dint issue...

Hi all,

I am also planning to apply for a job seeker visa yet struggling with 'comprehensive health insurance'. I really appreciate it if anyone who applied already can guide me on this.

As per my reading, the processing time is 3 to 4 months.

Thanks in advance.

@Lim Iball Have you received decision?

No update or case owner it's over 3 months

Hi everyone, I applied for same visa category and got rejection due to insurance.

Could anyone please help me to find the best insurance policy that cover this visa category.

Is travel policy is enough of we have to submit the Comprehensive heal insurance?

Appreciate your kind support.



Hello - Has anyone received the Sweden Job Seeker Visa yet? Seems folks have applied more than six months ago and are still waiting to get a decision.



Hi Friends

I am a Master's degree holder and want to apply for a Job seeker visa. please guide me if anyone has applied and received it also the comprehensive health insurance company for health Insurance and any other requirements.

@awais ur rehman [link moderated]

Try from this

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How can you help awais ur rehman?

Are you in Sweden already?

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Hello, May I give me two cents on this thread. A lot of people are questioning the lead time for visa processing. In my opinion the biggest lead team is in the verification of your submitted documents, if UHR cannot verify your credentials then it's hard for migrationsverket to make any decision. So the better supplemented your application the better will be turnaround time by migrationsverket. A useful tip here, poorly scanned or handwritten documents are big challenge, so make sure your documentation is easy to understand by a stranger. This is usually the case with any visa type not just this one.

Hi, anyone finally got the job seeker visa for Sweden? I applied since January...and no word yet! No request for new documents either. Might have to explore other countries at the minute. Austria may be? Anyone knows how long the processing time takes? Thank you.

I am not sure if this has got some bearing on the visa decisions but there are several companies that are on a cost reduction path including some big corporate names. … -february/

This visa was introduced to plug the gaps in the labour market but apparently there are too many skilled folks without job right now.

@Lim Iball hello, when dis you finally get your sweden job seeker visa. I just submitted my application exactly a week ago and I'm trying to know how soon to get mine.

@Kingkunta you should get a response by April. On the government site, it says 75% of the applications are processed within 4 months

Has anyone got a successful attempt at obtaining the RP ? If so what was the time-frame after the initial application?

Applied back in 2022/10 but no reply or case owner was assigned to my application.

Anyone who received job seeker visa? I Applied a week ago . For those asking for health insurance, i got mine from Cigna Global. Due to the required coverage of comprehensive health insurance for this visa, i need to pay a hefty amount for this plan but they have option to pay monthly. Travel insurance alone is not accepted based on their website. Please share your experience/suggestions

@Skytrei Hi. Have you received a decision or correspondence from the Swedish Migration Agency? I also applied on April 4, 2023. Nothing demanded yet. At what stage is a case officer assigned to an application?


Hi. Has your application been decided?  How does one know when a case officer has been assigned to the application for Swedish job seeker visa? I applied since April 4, 2023 and have not heard anything or had anything requested from me. I however did send some additional docs, and got an acknowledgement email. In the mail trail I saw an eight digit number forwarded to the person who replied me (in this format XX-XXXXXX)

@awais ur rehman

Hi. How long did it take from application to decision? Was it job seeker visa you applied for?

@salimonolawale Thanks for this! However, its June now and not a word! I even sent a message to them to ask if the verification of my documents is an issue and they said if that was the case, the would let me know! So, right now, its either they are 1. overwhelmed by applications received  2. they are short-staffed 3. they've got too many lazy staffs. 1f923.svg1f923.svg

@Amit49 in January 2023, they received 264 job seeker visa' June, they've only decided on 3 applications! It's going to be a very long wait for everyone! It's either there are no jobs or they are selecting from certain countries first.

Hi Guys,

Just for your reference only, Received are more accurate on the below table, but Decided, Awaiting Accepted a little bias.

As for 31 May 2023, 1360 cases were decided, with 77 Accepted and the rest rejected.

From the start of the program until the above date (a year) 3284 applications and 1360 case decided.

As you can see on the below table, there is a decreasing number in applications. March, April and May only 534 applications.

Residence permit for highly qualified persons to look for work or start a business:       

Date  Received   Decided   Awaiting   Accepted

Jun-22        90          87          3          77

Jul-22        218        216        2 

Aug-22      514        503        11 

Sep-22      449        330        119 

Oct-22      377        94         283 

Nov-22      322        32          290 

Dec-22      289        79          210 

Jan-23        264        3          261 

Feb-23      227        1          226 

Mar-23      534        -          534 




Total        3284        1345        1939         77


Acceptance Rate    5.7%

Cheers and best of luck!


@mike2020s absolutely disheartening


Residence permit for highly qualified persons to look for work or start a business               

Date                Received            Decided                Awaiting        Accepted


Jun-22                90                        87                        3                            77

Jul-22                218                        216                        2   

Aug-22            514                        503                        11   

Sep-22            449                        330                        119   

Oct-22            377                        94                        283   

Nov-22            322                        32                        290   

Dec-22            289                        79                        210   

Jan-23                264                        3                            261   

Feb-23            227                        1                            226   

Mar-23            172                        0                            172   

Apr-23            176                        2                            174   

May-23            192                        0                            192   


Total                3290                    1347                    1943                    77


Acceptance Rate        5.7%