Denied entry

Hi, I hold an Australian passport and citizenship , I have recently traveled to Stockholm for visiting a Swedish friend tryed to help me to find a suitable job at on of his shops but at the arrival in Arlanda airport the immigration denied entry for irrelevant reason that I did not have a cash card for purchasing food, train and bus ticket etc. I only carrying cash with me ! then the airport immigration police pushed me to sign a deportation documents writing in Swedish language without interpreters help ,then the border control police locked me at Arlanda departure airport for overnight and deported me the next day to the country which I first bought the flight ticket.

My intention of my topic is weather the above reason was enough to deny entry Australian citizens to EU's countries? I will appreciate your thoughts and suggestions Thank You.......


This can actually happen depending on what you responded and had planned. Couple of questions here:

1. I assume you told the immigration officer that you are coming to "look for work" not that you had a job offer that you have accepted? If the answer to above is yes, then basically you need to show via a recent bank statement etc that you have enough funds to live properly in Sweden (including health insurance, although I think Sweden has bilateral agreement with Australia regarding this.)

2. Did you have any communication e-mails etc indicating your friends "invitation" and statement in email that they'll be sponsoring your stay? (i.e. responsible for all your expenses food, stay and insurance)

3. Depending on your age and "nature of work" you need a residence permit, did you apply for working holiday visa or another kind of permit? Or you just simply showed up as tourist as that doesn't need a visa?