Morocco Marriage Process


I got married in August.  I didn't legalise any of my documents, and my wage slips were stamped/dated by my employer only because I get online wage slips. I am female so no one looked at my wage slips.

I hope that helps.

Hi, very soon I do married my Moroccan girlfriend, so I need my all document translate English to Arabic, so please give me your translate phone number, thanks, my E-mail is : shaikat.khan@[link moderated]


why do you need wage slips? What is this for?

when I looked UK/Morocco, it never mentioned wage slips


i just got married last month, and you do not need the pay slips, also saves you money on the translation cost, just get a letter from HR,  stating the salary from your workplace, then that will need to be translated

my transition cost me 300 dirham per document.

my fiance found a translator, I sent them a scan via email, to be translated, so i can collect it when i am there, once i was there i need to give them the original copies to verify before they gave me the documents.

The documents below are the only ones I had taken from the UK with me.

Birth certification, 1 page

DBS, 2 pages

HR letter, 1 page

once you have booked your British  embassy   appointment, which can be hard to find for some reason, i was looking for a while and gave up, but my fiance found someone that sells the appointment, but you have to pay for it, she paid for it and we were set for the appointment which was on a Tuesday at 11:30am

I arrived on Monday evening and then we rented a car but we got there quite late and were not given the documents to be able to travel with the car to rabat. we had to go pick up the documents to allow us to travel to rabat, just in case the police stop us.

Now its Tuesday the day of the appointment, my fiance was running late, and we got there to the car rental at 9:45 am got the document we need, and ended up arriving late at the British embassy, once we were there he said that we missed the appointment, he gave us a link to fill in and pay the £75 and then that way would make it easy for them in the British embassy, we did that, not easy on your phone but managed to do it, we got in at 1 pm there was no one there, I would have thought it would be busy with not being able to find an appointment, the lady in the British embassy printed out the documents, double checked everything then i signed it, which was 2 documents that were givem to me, then she said i don't need to translate it as it was in french, but I had to translate it as the court needs it translated, so ignore that when they say dont, just as soon as you get it to send it via email to the translate.

My fiance was with me at the appointment and she had to provide her ID.

Also to get your police check, just do that online, they will send you an email and you can select the location

i did it for rabat, as soon as we finished from the British embassy, we went there, I did my one 3 months before I went, but in the email, if gives you a number, you go there and provide them, then we had to wait for a while, but got it, think we were the last few that got it for the day.

But the process is not that hard, my fiance at the time, had more paperwork, also we found out, they want her to get a test for not being pregnant, we had to go to the laboratory she had a blood sample, and wait for the results, then strange that we still had to go to the doctor, to get another document saying that the information is correct from the laboratory, that something you can do before you come to save time.

but you can do this in 5 days, if not then you will have to stay longer or go and come back.

hi guys

i'm new to this forum (and website). i can see people here are friendly and helpful so i thought i'd post here.

im a UK male marrying a Moroccan lady.

i'm planning on marrying my fiance in the next few months. i wont have much time off work so i'm hoping to get things up and running before i go Morocco. i'm hoping to engage a solicitor/adoul so he/she can get things going without delay. but i'm having trouble finding someone who speaks english. can anyone recommend a adoul, and a translator. please feel free to DM me

@jd221279 do you still have the details of the solicitor you used?

thanks in advance


it may sound daft, but as a UK citizen did you still need to get a moroccan criminal record check? Or could you use the UK one?


Hi, to clarify both UK and Morccan police record is required.


Arif Esa

@laurencej96 You need both. The one from Morocco you can do online and have it delivered to an address or the Moroccan courts. UK check apply for a basic dbs check.

@MrT786 You won't need a solicitor but a good adoul and translator to get your documents translated in advance is a good start. I am going over in March and going through this now.

I don't have an Adoul contact but it's worth having in the later stages to get things fast tracked and decisions made.

@zahidiqbal81 how far along the process are you at? maybe we can help each other out

Right guys I've got my certificate of non impediment from the UK and now have a date to swear oath of affirmation in Rabat British embassy.

I have been told I will receive 2 documents then need to go to the foreign ministry of affairs to get legalized and translated... Is this correct? Doe the foreign ministery legalized and translated?


no embassy or British consulate stamp enough

I didn't need to get translated

@khanc85 They will only legalise documents. You will need a court approved translator to translate documents.

does anyone have the website for the on-line police check? i came across it somewhere but cant find it now

@khanc85 you don't need to swear an affirmation or affidavit at the British Embassy in Rabat if you got CNI from UK. you will need to get it translated tho. affirmation or affidavit is if you do not have CNI from UK

@MrT786 download the Casier Judiciaire app on your phone or

@MrT786 yes I have the CNI too and I got it apostiled, different people are telling me different things systems like Pakistan LoL 😂

So once I've got the affirmation of affivadit from the British embassy I can head straight back to Agadir?

@khanc85 yes head back to Agadir you don't need to hang around to legalise documents in Rabat

This is from UK Government Website

After you have sworn the affirmation at the embassy or consulate, you need to get your affirmation both:

‘legalised' (certified as genuine) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Morocco

translated into Arabic

@MrT786 Salaam can you also do the Moroccan police report online? Or do you still need to visit the police station with your partner? Any help will be good TIA

@khanc85 before you set off to Agadir send copies to your translator

@zahidiqbal:  thanks for the link bro, much appreciated  :) wishing you best of luck :)

@khanc85  you can pre-apply for the police check before you get there and have paperwork ready for pick at the family court, or you can have it delivered to your fiances address. i think (not 100 % sure tho), you may be able to get the reply by email. here's the link that Zahidiqbal81 has kindly found for me

you will still need to have the police interview

@khanc85  if you've got your CNI from UK then this will need to be apostilled in the UK. and this will need to be translated in morocco. you will still need to book an appointment at the British Embassy to get your passport verified/certified.

@MrT786 whatever you both need or anyone else.

Let's help and support each other. 🙂

@MrT786 perfect thanks yes it has been apostleed and my appointment is on Tuesday in Rabat so Inshallah everything goes well.... Just a little concerned about the police report tbh 😂!! I did get into a little trouble when I was younger but my ACRO says "no live trace" so let's see

@khanc85 if it was years ago I can't see it showing up. Mine was also Neant. It's a basic check they do themselves. If it was a big check it would take them longer than 1 or 2 days to complete. This check in Morocco is completed within a day or two.

@khanc85 police check in morocco relates to any offences you may have committed in morocco. dont forget, you've already got your police check from the UK. if that states nil, then your good to go.

good luck for your appointment, hope all goes well for you 1f44d.svg keep us posted 1f44d.svg i'll be going through what your going through in a couple of months. i may look you up :)

@zahidiqbal thanks brother. good to know there are genuinely helpful people out there 1f44d.svg

@MrT786 you're welcome. We are all going through it so we should help as we can as you said.

@london185 did you have to go to the Foreign Ministry of affairs in Rabat after the British consulate to legalise and stamp the 2 documents from the British consulate? Or are the 2 documents enough?

@khanc85 I went through the process just over a week ago and you have to go to the ministry of foreign affairs to get both documents from the British Embassy stamped. It is very easy I think I spent under five minutes in the building.

@eesha121 perfect brother thank you.

I have my appointment at Rabat tomorrow morning, so I will book my return flight from Rabat to Agadir in the afternoon as going to Rabat on a painful 8 hour bus ride.

@khanc85 good luck brother 👍 let us know how it goes👍


it is just a walk in isnt it? You do not need an appointment?

@laurencej96 As far as I am aware, it's a walk in service

Yes the British Embassy obviously had to book an appointment beforehand, our appointment was at 10.00 but we got there around 9.15 so tried our look and went in early and got seen to straight away which was good, on the reception lovely Moroccan lady took our IDs and some paperwork ie divorce papers and disappeared for a while came back and winked to me and said "did you pay online the $75 USD" I said honestly I do not remember and she said yes you did.  We got our 2 documents and headed straight to the Foreign office of affairs which cost 20DH in taxi and in there it was literally in and out NO FEES to pay.

Got back happy in Agadir after a nice flight with Air Arabia which cost roughly same as the bus. Now just waiting for translations to be completed and then off to see the police, I have 5 weeks off from work so we are doing in nice and easy.

Just a note all this procedures can be done in 10 days if you plan ahead, we didn't as obviously got plenty of holidays from work.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks guys GOD bless you all

Ohh just a note I never paid the 75$ fee online and the little wink was just a little gift to my Moroccan wife as she was having a good giggle with that lovely lady 😂👌

Honestly I thought I paid 👌

@khanc85 I am the British consulate tomorrow in the morning and then need to go to the translator to drop off the documents,  then travel to Agadir if I can fit it all in the day or 8 will travel down anyway and visit the ministry of foreign affairs first thing in the morning Wednesday.  I did the doctors check today.

@khanc85 that was a good bonus lol

@zahidiqbal81 brother salaam which city is your wife from?

Have you already found a translator? Which city?

@khanc85 Marrakech brother. And you?

I will arrive in Agadir this evening for 1 night around 7pm.