Looking to hire Hotel front desk agents (work from home)

We are a company in the USA looking for hotel workers to join our team and work from home. We know the hotel market has been hit badly by COVID and was hoping we could help by hiring hotel agents to work on the phones (remotely from home).

Was hoping to be pointed in the right direction where we could post in job boards and reach out to as many people as possible.


I have hotel experience and I would like to join you in this project

I would like more information.

I'm currently in the US moving to the D.R. next month and I'm interested in learning more about this position

I am going to message you privately with information on how to do this!   And welcome to  the forums.

I am also interested in this I am planning to move to The Dominican Republic  for long-term.

I have been living in DR for almost 3 years from Canada but I don't speak a lot of Spanish.  I am interested?

English speaking Canadian looking to move to DR.
Very interested!

Would like to know more.

Thank you.

I'm currently in the US moving to the D.R. next month and I'm interested in learning more about this position

we will be moving first week Jan. both bilingual.

This sounds like a scam to me.  Beware everyone!!!  since when are you allowed to post for job openings here?

yeap, i don't want to work way way lol :)
golf, the beach, bucket list and help the community with English\IT


Job postings need to be in the Job section of the site:

https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/central-a … c/add.html

I am generally suspicious of anyone with a post count of 1.   :unsure

I have contacted the poster directly and it appears legit !

Please more info, if is possible to do it part time, Im already working but I would like also to have an extra income.     Im looking for something that involve replay e-mails.

Can you explain how you pay them from US in regards to reporting/taxes?

Interested!  I speak English, French, and Spanish.  Please message me with the info.💛

Also quite interested with a good amount of of hands on experience, albeit in a military environment.......

I have been in contact again.  They have asked for patience while they work through the paperwork to move forward.

As it currently appears they will hire both locals and expats at reasonable rates.

Hotel and or tourism experience as well as English will be required.  These will be remote positions so computer set up, internet and backup electricity are needed. 

Anyone looking to apply please  have your English resume ready. As soon as they are ready we will post an email address.