Work in La Vega

Work in La Vega
Updated 2015-05-11 14:38

How to find a job if you have decided to move to La Vega, in the Dominican Republic? Find out in this article.

Out of the Dominican Republic's 32 provinces, La Vega is one of the most popular areas with expatriates, stretching over 2,287 km². Located near the heart of the country, it is above all a mountainous region, divided into four cities namely La Vega, Constanza, Jarabacoa and Jima Abajo. It is deemed to be an agriculturally driven province.

However, it does provide career prospects for foreigners worldwide. Make sure to inquire on its labor market's requirements before setting out on your job search.


As mentioned previously, agriculture, consisting of the culture of vegetables, coffee, horticulture, farming, rice cultivation, etc., is La Vega's main economic pillar. Thanks to its appropriate land and climate, Constanza is ideal of the culture of potatoes, fruits, vegetables, horticulture, flowers, etc. while Jarabacoa specialized in the culture of beans and rice. In some areas, agriculture has been diversified, including the production and export of some Chinese vegetables, bananas, cocoas, cassava and citrus, etc.

As regards farming, livestock, poultry, pork and beef breeding, these are not only important for local consumption but also for export, including milk production. Over the years, the manufacturing field, through textiles, as well as tourism and eco-tourism have consequently developed. In fact, Jarabacao is popular with tourists for activities such as paragliding, climbing, kayaking. Tourism is also a source of employment in the region provided you have the required qualifications and skills.

Find a job

Internet can be your best ally during your job search in La Vega. Indeed, you will come across many specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks where you can keep posted regarding job vacancies in the region. You just have to type the following key words: "buscar" "empleo" "La Vega" "Republica Dominicana".

Although expatriates claim that is it quite difficult to find a job in La Vega, you can definitely try your luck there. Networking and word of mouth may also help if you have friends and contacts on the spot.

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