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Do you wish to settle in Santiago de los Caballeros? Here is how to proceed to find a job in this major Dominican city.

Santiago de los Caballeros, more commonly known as Santiago, is the second major Dominican city after Santo Domingo. Located in the Cibao region, it is a very developed city, almost as much as the capital city, hence attracting foreigners in large numbers every year. In fact, thanks to its dynamic economy, Santiago provides numerous employment opportunities for foreign professionals in various fields. Therefore, you should not have much trouble in finding a job there.

However, make sure to inquire on its labor market's requirements and on working conditions before proceeding with your job search. Working there can be quite different from what you expect.


Santiago's economy accounts for 50% of the whole region's economy, making a 14% contribution to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). On the other hand, the purchasing power per capita is about US$ 1. According to specialists, Santiago is among the region's and Central America's and the Caribbean's most prosperous cities.

Note that Santiago has a diversified economy, but specialized in the following fields, namely agri-food, textiles and clothing, tourism, trade (representing 6% of urban activities), tanneries and leather, cigars and snuff, construction, health and education.

 Good to know:

Some 26% of the active workforce is employed in the manufacturing industry while 25% are employed in trade, 25% in the services sector and 5% in tourism.

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Santiago aims at being recognized as a tourist city in the near future despite the current situation. Maybe finding a job in this field can be quite complicated, unless you are offering something really different. Nevertheless, official figures state that the Heroes of the Restoration of the Republic's monument received some 40,000 visits per year while the cigar factory received around 80,000 visits per year. Moreover, the setting up of HODELPA, which is a new genuine hotel company with 520 rooms, represents a real employment pool for foreigners. It also provides internship opportunities.

As regards the finance sector, Santiago has an importantly developed market with 10% of the country's financial firms, among which you have Banco Leon, Banco Popular, Banco Caribe, Banco Santa Cruz, and Asociación de Ahorros y Préstamos Cibao, etc. You can try your luck with these if you have the required qualifications and skills in the finance sector.

Finally, Santiago hosts a local hypermarket, namely the Multicentro La Sirena El Embrujo, as well as many supermarkets and shopping malls. The Plaza Lama, which is found in the Juan Pablo Duarte Street, and two other similar buildings near the city center are some others. In short, the city hosts some 14,000 trade companies, including services, firms, restaurants, groceries, etc. All of these represent a real job pool, both for locals and foreigners.

During your job search, you can view offers on the Internet thanks to numerous general and specialized websites, as well as professional social networks. You can even seek the assistant of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Santiago, or simply visit its website.


It is recommended that you update your resume according to Spanish standards. Moreover, a good knowledge of Spanish will definitely be an asset, whether during your job search or the Interview.

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