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This article will explain what kind of internships there are in the Dominican Republic and how and where to find them.

Doing an internship in the Dominican Republic can be a very enriching experience. In fact, many students and young professionals across the globe have chosen to undertake their internship there, not only to acquire expertise, but also to enjoy the culture of this beautiful country.

What kind of internships are there?

The main internships in the country are in the tourism industry, usually the smaller hotels. You are unlikely to be paid, but you usually will get free room and board. These internships are a great way to learn the Spanish language, explore the culture of the Dominican Republic, and develop your guest service skills.

There are also internships working as a volunteer for charitable organizations which can be very rewarding, including building homes for people, or building and digging wells so that they have access to water.

There are also environmental internships for those studying in that field, and this involves surveying specific areas, looking for endangered species, etc.

Diving schools around the coast provide internships for those wishing to qualify as Dive Masters – again, little or no pay is given, but accommodation is provided as well as free diving opportunities.

Finally, some of the international schools offer internships for English teachers. You may or may not be paid but they do usually provide accommodation, but no food. The YMCA helps to find internships in schools.

What do you need?

You will need to speak at least some Spanish and be over 18 years of age. Some companies insist that you are completing a course of study which is related to their business. Although some will provide health insurance, not all will, so you should check that out before you come and if not, ensure that you have travel health insurance.

You should also be aware that several internships, especially in communities, are located in poor areas. You may not have access to constant hot water or electricity. In fact, the only source of water may be coming from the local river! However, learning to live as the people do in these communities can be very an enriching and mind-opening experience.

How to find an internship

Networking is one of the most useful search tools while looking for an internship in the Dominican Republic. You can start by browsing offers on specialized internship and job websites, as well as on professional social networks and other online platforms. Word of mouth may also help if you have friends or contacts in the country. It is worth joining Facebook groups about the Dominican Republic as well as forums such as DR1, or start a discussion on the Expat.com Forum.

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