Medical assistant jobs

Can an American who speaks English find a medical assistant job in the DR?

w/o a residency prob not

Without residency Oscar is correct, it's very difficult.

The other question is do you also speak Spanish? If not then even with a cedula it won't be easy. 

Last point - you understand that this is a low paid position?  Maybe pays 300 to 400 US a month!

Hi there, I work in medical tourism here. If you aren't fully bilingual it would be impossible to work within the field.

Feel free to message me.

Thanks for the info—I want to live in the DR, but I am fluent in Spanish & retired. I was asking for my daughter who is an MA in the US (low paid here too & high cost of living). I thought maybe she could come live with me & work—but she's forgotten all her spanish

She would pick it up quickly I bet!

As others have said, she would need to speak fluent Spanish, have residency (maybe as your dependent?), and accept that she'd make maybe a quarter of what she could earn in the US. If she's living with you and doesn't have housing expenses, that income might work.

@Ykr716 hey I'm fully bilingual but I don't know where to go for a medical assistant job and I don't know what's the right Pay. Can u help me with that?  Jalbu3z on IG THANKS

Welcome to the forums.  Do you have residency?  If not it's impossible to get work legally

If you do, then head to hospitals clinics and individual doctors offices.

@Ykr716 hi. Where do you work?. I am a 3rd year medical student and I wanted a medical related job in LA romana or any place with tourism in the area. Am also full trilingual

@eve the other poster is in Santo Domingo area.

Do you wish to stay in La Romana area?

@Ykr716 hello I'm very interested in working in the field of medical tourism recovery house, I speak a little Spanish still improving by the day, most of all I'm fluent in English. Looking forward hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you

@rajasmin4 You really need to be fluent in Spanish to work in the medical field here in DR, and more importantly, you must have a cedula or work visa to legally work here.

Recovery houses do not need  spanish so much as good english BUT you will need a work visa or a cedula to work legally. AND  the highest paid nurse in this field that I know of personally does not earn  US 600 a month. They work  60 hour weeks!

To begin, research healthcare facilities in the DR, particularly those in tourist or expat-heavy regions, as they may value English-speaking staff. Consider reaching out directly to these facilities to inquire about job openings or to express your interest.

They will only value their English if they are also fluent in Spanish.  Most doctors and other support staff do NOT speak English.