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Latest job offers in Dominican Republic
Punta Cana
Added on 09/12/2023
USD 53
Puerto Plata
Added on 17/11/2023
Everything you need to know to work in Dominican Republic
Work in the Dominican Republic
If you are looking for a job in the Dominican Republic, here are some tips and suggestions to help you. Job hunting can be quite different here than what you are used to, so hopefully, this article enables you to gain more perspective about your options. 
Setting up a business in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic has been attracting foreign investment for many years, dramatically increasing since 2000. The primary assets are tourism, manufacturing and services in the Free Trade Zones, and mining. Due to recent trends, one of the fasted growing areas in real estate. Many foreigners have come to realize that the Dominican Republic is quite the gem to invest their money in. So if you're not looking for employment with a company but rather start your own business, this guide should shed some light on the necessary steps to take in order to make this happen!
Work in Puerto Plata
When looking for a job in San Felipe de Puerto Plata, also known as Puerto Plata, one of the first things to do will be to inquire about its labor market's requirements. In fact, it is best to make sure that you have the right profile before setting out on your job hunt. However, Puerto Plata, which is one of the Dominican Republic's major cities, does provide career prospects to qualified and skilled professionals.
Work in Santiago de los Caballeros
Do you wish to settle in Santiago de los Caballeros? Here is how to proceed to find a job in this major Dominican city and some insightful tips about the region and why it is an attractive spot to live. 
Work in San Francisco de Macoris
Are you looking for a job in San Francisco de Macoris? Here is an overview of its economy and labor market to guide you.
Work in La Vega
How to find a job if you have decided to move to La Vega in the Dominican Republic? Find out in this article.
Mystery Shoppers - Puerto Plata
Sinclair Customer Metrics
Temporary work
Puerto Plata
Added on 10/11/2023
USD 125
Santiago de los Caballeros
Added on 22/08/2023
15 ,000
Santo Domingo
Added on 24/07/2023
Modelado para adultos
Modelado desnudo en Londres
Permanent contract
Santo Domingo
Added on 12/06/2023
Job candidates in Dominican Republic
San Francisco de Macorís
Added on 26/02/2024
Receptionist or waitress
Eva Das Neves
Permanent contract
Las Terrenas
Added on 29/01/2024
DOP 25900
Industrial painter OP A
heriberto tabera maga
Permanent contract
Santo Domingo
Added on 17/01/2024
USD 2000
San Pedro de Macorís
Added on 02/01/2024
USD 750
I need a job, availability to move
José Armando Gonz
Permanent contract
Santiago de los Caballeros
Added on 27/12/2023
looked for a job
Fixed-term contract
Added on 12/05/2023
Santo Domingo
Added on 24/03/2023
4 a 9 mil dolares
Added on 23/03/2023
Added on 16/03/2023
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