Work in San Francisco de Macoris

Work in San Francisco de Macoris
Updated on 18 April, 2024

Are you looking for a job in San Francisco de Macoris? Here is an overview of its economy and labor market to guide you.

San Francisco de Macoris is the capital city of the Duarte province, and it is the Dominican Republic's eighth biggest city, located in the northeast of the country. Note that San Francisco de Macoris is deemed to be one of its oldest cities, although Duarte is one of the country's most developed and dynamic regions in economic and social terms.

Hence, the city has been attracting foreigners in large numbers over the years, not only for its pleasant environment, with a warm temperature of around 26°C throughout the year, but also for the numerous professional opportunities it offers. You should not have much trouble finding a job in San Francisco de Macoris if you are planning to settle there.

San Francisco de Macoris' economy

San Francisco de Macoris is not only a major industrial and commercial hub but also an important agricultural center with a diversified economy. In fact, the culture of cocoa, coffee, snuff, bananas, and rice, as well as cattle breeding, dairy, and livestock production, make a significant contribution to the city's economy. Most of these are exported to surrounding countries and to other parts of the world.

Trade and real estate are also the city's major economic pillars. Finally, through various leisure activities, as well as supermarkets and shops, tourism is part of the city's landscape.

Good to know:

San Francisco de Macoris also hosts the Centro Universitario Regional del Norte, which is one of the region's most prominent universities, not only welcoming local and international students but also providing jobs for qualified foreigners. The Duarte region is located on the eastern side of the La Vega Real o Cibao Valley, commonly called the Yuna Valley. Aside from San Francisco de Macoris, it moreover offers the regions Villa Riva, Pimentel, Arenoso, Castillo, Las Guaranas, and Eugenio Maria de Hostos.

Tourism has grown to be one of the region's most significant activities throughout the years. Furthermore, ecotourism is progressively expanding in the vicinity of the Loma Quita Espuela Reserva Científica. San Francisco de Macoris, on the other hand, exhibits genuinely economic stability due to improving agriculture, among other industries.

Finding a job in San Francisco de Macoris

It is best to be on the spot before starting your job search in San Francisco de Macoris. You can try your luck with the free zone and get in touch with international companies operating there.

Feel free to send spontaneous job applications to these companies and seek interviews. You can also contact the Camara Comercio y Producción of Duarte or the Ministry of Labor's local branch, located at Edificio Badía Pillon, Piso 1, Sector El Centro (phone: 809-588-2292), which is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

You may also begin your job hunt on the Internet, thanks to a multitude of general and specialized career websites and professional social networks. Simply enter the following terms into a search engine: "buscar empleo / trabajo / San Francisco de Macoris / Republica Dominicana". If you have friends and contacts in the area, socializing and word-of-mouth may also be effective. Alternatively, you might seek the aid of the country's foreign Chambers of Commerce.

It's worth noting that finding a job in San Francisco de Macoris might be difficult and time-consuming, but it's not impossible. As a result, it is recommended that you have enough money to cover your expenses for at least 6 months if you are looking for work right away.

Good to know:

Having a solid understanding of the Spanish language will undoubtedly help you in your job hunt and interview. You should really have a better chance of getting recruited into the tourist industry if you can offer different languages that you speak.

Coworking spaces in San Francisco de Macoris

Many employees have been compelled to reassess or adjust their working habits in the previous few years, especially in the last 2 years of the global pandemic scenario. Teleworking or remote work has become increasingly attractive instead of physically going to the workplace every day of the week. However, your house may not be prepared to be converted into an office, or you may choose not to combine your private space with your working one, in which case you should look into alternative options. This is where collaborative workplaces come into play. Today, it is more than working in a coffee shop! It has now turned into doing your job in the comfort of a co-working environment.

So far, there seem to be only two coworking spaces in San Francisco de Macoris, but these are well-equipped.


It is located on Club Rotario Street, close to the city's main street, Av. Libertad.


The second coworking space in town is located right next to the Hospital del IDSS.

Check out which one might be a fit for you if you get tired of working from home and are looking for some change.

Working online in San Francisco de Macoris

Thanks to the internet, we now have a quick and effective way to find jobs, whether it's supplying web services or arranging any type of business meeting. In order to develop your business's digital presence and sell your expertise, these platforms frequently ask you to give primary data and complete your profile.

Platforms for finding work in San Francisco de Macoris

Now, let us start with the most popular and extensively utilized types of online job platforms used in San Francisco de Macoris.


Unlike traditional job websites, this platform enables you to seek employment across all accessible sites. It functions as a web search for previously published job offers. The major goal is to monitor company offerings and position these in their search engine results. If you like to preserve mental resources by browsing straight on Google, we believe Indeed could be an excellent option for you.

Users will be notified through email when new deals are made eligible for them. You now have the possibility to submit your resume, but it is not required. There are around 100 million members on this platform globally.


If you want to find a job online or establish a permanent market presence, you absolutely should be on LinkedIn. It creates a career section where you can look for possibilities that reflect your expertise or qualifications.

One will also see proposals based on prior knowledge merely by exploring this very same network, and you will receive information with the opportunity to apply for jobs. If you really are looking for a certain business in this community, you can do a specific search for it.

It is indeed a substantial benefit for experts with particular skills.

Mercado Jobs

It is also a great job search engine, with 56 countries and various languages to choose from. Mercado Jobs collects job posts from the world's most well-known websites and organizations in order to present its audience with personalized and highly skilled search tools that produce the most pleasing results, and it seems to be working pretty well for users in San Francisco de Macoris. Obviously, this depends on the season and if there are many jobs available at this particular moment.


It is a good fit for providing digital services while having the security of negotiating with the consumer via an interim website, and you can build your page and emphasize your qualifications to assist in attracting clients. To boost your ratings and increase your chances of landing a job, attempt to stand out with exceptional reviews and solutions. You can find employment not only within the Dominican Republic but also worldwide. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find a remote position in almost any company.

The most important phrase in Spanish when you are looking for a job

We know it can be a little hard at first to start the whole application process in Spanish. Even though you might have a quite good grasp of the language, using it in a professional manner often does not come naturally. We have gathered some of the most useful phrases and created this little recruitment guide for you:

To begin your introduction:

I have found your advert on this website – Ví su anuncio en esta pagina de web.

Could you send me an application form? – ¿Usted me podria mandar una solicitud?

I'm interested in this job and would like to apply for it – Estoy interesado/a en este trabajo y me gustaria solicitarlo.

Asking for some more details:

Is it a temporary or permanent position? – ¿Es un trabajo temporal o permanente?

How much does it pay? – ¿Cuanto seria el pago?

What's the salary? – ¿Cual es el salario?

Will I get travel expenses? – ¿Recibiré algún tipo de dieta por desplazamientos o viajes?

Is there a pension scheme? – ¿Hay algun plan de pensiones?

Is there free medical insurance? – ¿Hay seguro medico gratuito?

Who do I report to? – ¿A quien reportaría?

Hopefully, this is a helpful little guide to get you started.

Finding an apartment in San Francisco de Macoris

The best approach to locating lodging in San Francisco de Macoris is to be on the scene like other Dominican cities. One might also request the services of a qualified real estate firm, which will guide you at each and every stage, particularly if you don't speak Spanish very well.

We suggest that you set aside 400 USD for a standard apartment in San Francisco de Macoris. Undoubtedly, some may try to convince you to pay more money since you are a foreigner, but paying over 600 USD for a condo in San Francisco is definitely way too much.

Lastly, if you have connections with people in the area, word-of-mouth could be effective.

If you want to learn more about the region and what the benefits are if you choose to live and work there, read our article called Accommodation in San Francisco de Macoris.

In this guide, you can also explore what activities you can do in your free time within the city and its surroundings. One thing we can promise is that you will never get bored in this region.

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