Work in Las Terrenas

Work in Las Terrenas
Updated 2022-04-25 12:42

Are you looking forward to settling in Las Terrenas? Here are some tips to help you find a job in this major Dominican city.

Located in the Samana province, Las Terrenas is one of the Dominican Republic's major cities. It has been attracting foreigners in large numbers for some time, including retirees and young professionals seeking career prospects. Finding a job there can be pretty difficult, but not impossible as many foreigners before you have managed to do so. You are advised to inquire about the local labor market's requirements beforehand and make you that you have the necessary qualifications and skills. The Samaná Peninsula is located in the Dominican Republic's far northeast. It is the newest hotspot for expats relocating to the Dominican Republic, known for its magnificent sandy beaches and annual visits by humpback whales.

Samaná is a lovely tiny peninsula in the northeastern section of the Dominican Republic. It features mountains running through its middle, with Las Terrenas on the Atlantic Ocean to the north, having some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. The city of Samana, which faces the gulf of Samana, is located on the southern extremity of the peninsula. In contrast, the peaceful town of Las Galeras is located on the extreme eastern point. Samaná, or Santa Bárbara de Samaná to provide its actual name, is the main town and the beginning point for whale-watching excursions from mid-January to late March. It is also the launching point for an expedition to Los Haitises Nature Reserve all over the bay.

Reasons why the area of Las Terrenas is a perfect spot for expats

If you want to understand what makes this part of the country so interesting, you have to learn a bit more about its history and how it developed.

Las Terrenas was formed fairly late, in 1946, when then-President Rafael Leonidas Trujillo instructed the rural residents of Santo Domingo to relocate north to the municipality as farmers and fishers, that only had been a tiny fishing village wholly isolated from the rest of the Dominican Republic due to a lack of infrastructure. Las Terrenas used to be a remote farming and fishing community without shops, a petrol station, electricity, phones, cars, a postal service, no newspaper, and definitely free from tourists as recently as 1975.

The French were the first to arrive at Las Terrenas in the early 1980s, and it is here that most expats reside and can enjoy a really European experience. There are excellent stores, supermarkets, French bakeries, and beautiful beaches, such as Playa Bonita west of Las Terrenas and Playa Ballenas and Playa Popy east of Las Terrenas, which are calmer and better for relaxing or bringing the entire family, including your kids. Playa Coson is the opposite beach, and it has spectacular views.

Galeras is a tiny fishing village located 28 kilometers north of Samaná. It is definitely a treasure, attracting visitors from both Europe and North America and serving as a shelter for independent travelers.

The cuisine

​​When it comes to dining out on the Samaná peninsula, one is really spoilt for choice. Several alternatives are available, including Dominican, French, German, Mexican, you name it. You may catch your own fish and lobster to eat on the beach, or you can dine at a high-end French restaurant.

Because the peninsula is surrounded by water, seafood and fish are abundant. Equally as are fresh fruits and veggies, mainly coconuts. One of the region's specialties is fish in coconut sauce, not without reason, one of the most popular dishes from Samaná.

Enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant in Las Terrenas will cost slightly more than in the rest of the Dominican Republic. This is particularly true in a place known by the name Fisherman's Village, which is a series of vividly colored wooden taverns and restaurants near the end of the main road toward the ocean.


For many years, Las Terrenas' economy has been based on agriculture, especially coconut production and export, as well as fishing, mining, and marble production. Over the years, these have been substituted by tourism which is nowadays deemed to be its central economic pillar.

Las Terrenas is particularly popular for its beaches and the whales that approach the region with their babies every year from January to March. Moreover, Playa Rincon is the province's most famous beach.

Trade is another significant economic pillar since many foreign companies, shops, hotels, and restaurants have successfully been set up there. You will also find foreign schools there, as well as pharmacies, supermarkets, and many other facilities.

Good to know:

Las Terrenas' population consists of a large number of foreigners, including the US, Canada, Belgium, European nationals, etc.

How to get to Las Terrenas

El Catey International Airport in Samaná is an international airport with flights from Europe and Canada.

Samaná also has a cruise port that welcomes cruise ships throughout the winter Caribbean cruising season.

A new highway connecting the Samaná peninsula with Santo Domingo was constructed a few years ago, reducing the trip time from several hours to currently only two hours. As it is known, the new Atlantic Boulevard also eliminates the need to traverse the mountains from the north to the south of the peninsula.

What about getting around the area?

Coaches and buses run vast distances to Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Puerto Plata. There are motorcycle taxis, regular taxis, and guaguas to other towns on the peninsula in and around town. Las Terrenas also has a number of four-wheeled ATVs, which visitors and residents frequently lease to navigate around town.

Find a job

You are more likely to be hired in Las Terrenas if you have bilingual, trilingual, and even multilingual skills. In fact, tourism is the region's leading job provider, thanks to numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops. You can even try your luck with international schools operating across the city if you have the necessary qualifications.

Job vacancies in Las Terrenas can be viewed on the Internet, especially on job websites, and professional social networks, among others. Networking and word of mouth may also help if you have friends and contacts on the spot.


If you wish to apply for any employment, you must first have your paperwork in order. That is, in order to work in the Dominican Republic, you must first get a residency visa. While this may be an unpleasant and time-consuming procedure in many countries, it is relatively quick and straightforward in the Dominican Republic, despite the mountains of paperwork. If you want to ensure that everything is submitted correctly, it may be easier to enlist the assistance of a lawyer.

The best websites for your job hunt

We've prepared a listing of web pages with substantial exposure in Las Terrenas to assist you in finding your ideal job while living your best life in bliss.

Since not every site functions consistently well in every area, based on what you're searching for, one platform may very well be better adapted to your job hunt than the other. Check this out for yourself:


You may discover work on the internet mode, which is well-known throughout the world. It is more advised for those who are proficient in English and have professional abilities in Marketing, Web Design, or a similar field; they frequently supply essential assignments to start filling out your CV, but you must be careful. The market is very competitive.

Freelancer is an online employment platform for small businesses that request services from a variety of fields. Matt Barrie launched the firm in 2009, and it is headquartered in Sydney. We propose that you create an appealing CV that highlights your prior employment, talents, and academic degrees. This will be reviewed by mediators from all of the sites on the list, and you're examined whether you are deemed an ideal match to join them.


The remarkable thing about this platform is that it allows you to look for work across all available sites. It works as a search engine for recently published jobs, and the primary purpose is to track corporate offers and position them in search engine rankings. If you want to save mental resources by searching directly on Google, we feel Indeed might be a good choice for you.

Subscribers will be alerted via email when new bargains become available to them.

You may now upload your CV, but you are not compelled to do so. Indeed has around 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Opción Empleo

It is a search engine, similar to Indeed, that optimizes the attainment of available offers. It finds all accessible deals and summarizes everything on a screen with a user-friendly design. Their search is mainly centered on job boards, recruiting agency websites, and specialist recruitment websites. Opción empleo does not show job offers, and the user is routed to the core sites in which the application was made.

Opción empleo is another useful website, having a presence in 90 countries and a wide range of local services. As a result, it has a strong presence throughout the Dominican Republic.


It is an employment website with a little different modality here; freelancers submit their offerings, and employers select from a catalog of services. Create an eye-catching cover and investigate your competitors to deliver attractive services and gain customers.

How to spend your free time?

Las Terrenas has is all. The most beautiful coastlines and beaches one could ask for: Water activities, jungle excitement, and cultural experiences.

You can find several outdoor activities across the Samaná peninsula, varying from golf to ocean sports, including scuba diving but also trekking.

The El Limon Waterfalls are a must-see and may be reached by foot, horseback, or boat. It takes about three hours.

Another must-see attraction is the Los Haitises National Park. It is a natural wonderland with exotic wildlife and lush greenery, as well as various Taino Indian caves and ancient monuments.

From the end of January until the end of March, one of the most famous activities in the nation is viewing humpback whales in Samaná Bay as they arrive to give birth and mate.

There is also zip lining on the mountain.

also has deep-sea fishing and several tranquil and unspoiled beaches, and it's a haven for beach and wildlife lovers. We've compiled a list of the most gorgeous beaches in the Dominican Republic in Las Terrenas to offer you some ideas.

  • Playa Coson: Playa Cosón is a vast beach that seems to go on forever. It's one of those beaches that looks like it belongs in a TV commercial, full of palm trees and incredibly picturesque because there aren't many hotels. Since there is no infrastructure and only two resorts and a few magnificent private residences, you will generally have this beach all to yourself.
  • Playa Lanza del Norte: This beach is one of the country's hidden jewels because it is not as apparent as other beaches. As previously said, while on the route to Playa Morón, do not turn left but rather keep on this road. However, it may become a little rough, so a 4WD vehicle is definitely not wrong. You will be in heaven when you reach the end - a beautiful location with crystal-clear water and unspoiled scenery. Unfortunately, it is not recommended for swimming!
  • Playa Morón: Playa Morón is a great alternative if you want a beach with outstanding service and a more resort-like vibe. You'll go from Las Terrenas to El Limón, a tiny village where you'll also locate the stunning Salto el limón waterfall. This is the perfect day trip if you want to forget about work for a day and simply enjoy the beauty of your new home.

If you wish to understand more about the location and the perks of living and to work there, see our article Living and accommodation on the North East Coast.

This guide will also show you what things you may do in your spare time, where to live and look for accommodation and more.

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