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Hi . My name is Meagan.  I'm a licensed massage therapist in Las Vegas.  I have a business opportunity in DR . Can someone tell me if there is any licensing requirement to be a massage therapist or do they recognise licensing from the US? I can't seem to find any I formation on requirements for a Professional Massage Therapist. Any help would be great!

Greetings Meagan....I tried getting some info on the same subject a while back, but never got a clear cut answer. I know there is a spa in the Millenium Hotel in Cabarete. I'm not sure if the same Canadian therapists I met a while nack are still running the spa, but you are welcomed to reach out to them for some answers.  Here is a link to their page....I believe way back then a Canadian younglady by the name of Michelle was running the spa. Please come back and share your findings on the forum, since theur might be others looking for the same answers.

Welcome to the forums. I have never been able to get a cleAr answer to that either. I know massage therapists from several countries who call themselves professional or registered massage therapists. Not sure of their actual status here.

thank you so much for the responses! Yes those have been my findings as well. Everyone who claims "professional" all have licenses from either Canada or US so I am assuming there is no true licensing. I am waiting on one person who may have more info. As soon as I hear I will let you know!

Thank you! Yes I saw her website and she mentions all of her credentials, so I'm assuming if she has any training or certifications based in DR she would have noted them.  I'll let you know anything I hear! Are you living in DR?

I’m in the U.S. at this moment. I go back and forth, will be there again in the next few months :cool:  Please be sure to keep us posted. Are you planning on getting your Dominican residency or starting a business of your own.  You will require residency to work legally or a work visa, which I hear are pretty hard to get, but if you have the chance to live and work while earning a comfy salary, then by all means go for it.

Ive know a lot of people who have gotten massages, including me, and lots of babes who do massages, but have never even heard of anybody metion whether they were credentialed.  Same goes for: hair dressers, barbers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, contractors.  Thats just the short list.

So true!!!

Get your butt here! We need a professional here, more of them in fact.  We have a surplus of the happy ending  types.  At least at Passions, you got a decent massage plus. The plus is not necessary, the therapetic  (sp) massage is. You should do well here among us old fogys.  Welcome & good wishes for you.

to be honest it's really important to have massage skills and it's primordial than a simple license...

Yeah quality masseuses are hard to find. There a lot of people who claim that they are good and know that they are doing but in reality the have no idea. The fakes like that usually don't have any certificates and no official credentials. I am always skeptical when people claim they are professionals without a diploma hanging on their wall. At one point my partner wanted to be a masseuse and we started researching what kind of documentation he would have need needed and it was huge (You can check the list here: … y-license/) It's a rewarding profession of course but it's not for everyone.

And here a " certificate" can mean a 10 hour course. There are almost no requirements here.

FWIW, INFOTEP offers certification in Massage therapy.  I know a few women who have taken the courses and received the certification.

They do not offer happy ending massages.

I would think there would be a healthy demand for professionals here.

What may shock some of them are the salaries offered.

And here a " certificate" can mean a 10 hour course. There are almost no requirements here.

Other certs JD.  People need to check the "qualificatuins" closely

There are very good therapeutic massage therapists in the PC area but most work at the resorts.  To find one outside of the resorts is difficult.  The price you pay per hour depends upon the location, regularity and type of massage.  Relaxation vs deep tissue therapy.  There are no happy endings with a registered massage therapist.  The therapists I use on a regular basis exceed the skills (from school and experience, here in the DR) of any therapist I have had in Canada.  My opinion is based upon 24 years of experience never having less than 1 1/2 hours of deep tissue therapy every other week.  Getting your license here is not the issue.  Giving a good massage for the right price and building your client base is the issue.  Consider starting at $20US per hour if you are skilled.  If you are not your business will end quickly.  Again, I live in the PC (tourist) area so other areas may be different.

I am still looking for a great therapist here in Santo Domingo!

It is very difficult.  They are hidden secrets.  When you find one, you are blessed.

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