Chicken growing business

This might sound like a dumb question. Anyone on here in a chicken growing business? I am considering moving to DR (santiago) with my wifey. Her dad owns a lot of land down here but am afraid to pull the trigger as we make a good living in USA. For starters i was looking at starting with 50k chickens and going from there. Anyone has any experience in the business down here? Thanks

I have no experience in the chicken business but the  chicken market is oversupplied globally and there is stiff competition here in the D.R. Corruption is rampant. A good paying job in the U.S. sounds like a really good thing....

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I recall reading in the recent past about large scale permissions being given for the import of chickens or rather chicks. Is that correct and your reason for considering this idea?

My impression was that there was always plenty of supply from the Cibao with plenty of chicken farms. Maybe I am wrong.

If you have good agricultural land, I do believe there are opportunities in agriculture here with low operating costs in many rural areas and both domestic and international demand for tropical produce.

The chicken business is pretty tightly controlled so you will find it difficult.  The land may or.may not be right for other agricultural business. I do have some experience and contacts in this area.  Specifically of high growth is anything organic.

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I am also interested in moving to the DR and starting a poultry farming business. Have you had any luck with this? I'm a little afraid because I make good money in the US and I don't want to move and fail. I've read that the DR receive their poultry locally including the hotels for tourism, so I assumed the business would flourish but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

It's the same situation still.  It's tightly controlled, production, sales and pricing as well as any imports and exports!

I am not sure if current government has any plans to change this

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Yes I tried this in puerto plata … I was ordering 10,000 at a time at .20c apiece it was very hard to get the feed at a decent price, it seem every time I would sell my chickens the price would go back down and then the medicine to mix into the water … you have to remember you are at the bottom of the totem pole so a lot of times you would get chickens that weren't healthy and you would have 2-300 chickens die ( birds get sick very easily) and after 5 1/2 weeks you couldn't find anyone to give you market rates always trying to low ball you then they wouldn't show to complete the transaction and by now you HAVE to move these chickens so you have to take the low price from the other guy and make close to nothing, plus it took like close to 2 years setting up the coop's with the water , electricity back up generator, watching construction over there is like watching grass grow , oh don't forget the price of the land and the salary of the 2 men you have to hire to tend to them around the clock ….. and then they usually steal about another 100 of them ….. yea save your money ,time patience not worth it they don't care how many people you put to work they don't want you to succeed

Is there a place one could buy a couple chicks ?  My wife has two Isa Brown hens, she just loves them, and when we move to the DR she would love to have a back yard chicken coop ?  Pretty cool getting a couple fresh eggs everyday :))

A back yard coop and a couple  chickens - that's easy.  Depending where you end up there will be a source to get a couple!

if you have a small plot of land and want to get into agriculture, then it is obvious that you need to engage in a pursuit which produces intensively per acre or hectare, or whatever. if you have an acre of land you are not going to get rich planting coconut trees.

that having been said, there is an agricultural product which will make you a ton of money...sit tight, it comes..

HABANERO PEPPERS...specifically Scotch Bonnet.

trust me on this will not be able to produce enough to scratch the market in Florida. i am tired of guys i know in Florida asking me to try to find them guys who can supply huge amounts, and i can find nobody..

Thanks Planner :)) I have a feeling we will end up in Las Terrenas.

We would like to get chicks, so from a very early age they will get use to being picked up and being around us.

This sounds like a good idea. Thank you. I will run this pass my friend. 😀

@Guest2022 do you happen to have contacts that are willing to work with land in the southern region of DR?

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@ Christian Santos, Guest2022 is no longer on the forum. I suggest that you create an advert in the Jobs in Dominican Republic section of the website.