Chicken growing business

This might sound like a dumb question. Anyone on here in a chicken growing business? I am considering moving to DR (santiago) with my wifey. Her dad owns a lot of land down here but am afraid to pull the trigger as we make a good living in USA. For starters i was looking at starting with 50k chickens and going from there. Anyone has any experience in the business down here? Thanks

I have no experience in the chicken business but the  chicken market is oversupplied globally and there is stiff competition here in the D.R. Corruption is rampant. A good paying job in the U.S. sounds like a really good thing....

Thanks for replying!

I recall reading in the recent past about large scale permissions being given for the import of chickens or rather chicks. Is that correct and your reason for considering this idea?

My impression was that there was always plenty of supply from the Cibao with plenty of chicken farms. Maybe I am wrong.

If you have good agricultural land, I do believe there are opportunities in agriculture here with low operating costs in many rural areas and both domestic and international demand for tropical produce.

The chicken business is pretty tightly controlled so you will find it difficult.  The land may or.may not be right for other agricultural business. I do have some experience and contacts in this area.  Specifically of high growth is anything organic.

Thanks for replying.

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