Any expats looking for work in Malta?

Any expats looking for work in Malta?

If there are any expats looking for work In Malta, Send me a private message.

Hi Retrofire!

Is this a job proposal?



I have been an erasmus student 2 years ago in Malta, i known the place and i want to go back there!! So i'm looking for job opportunities in August. I'll be glad if you can give me any clue about the possibilities to work there.

Thanks in advance, Julie

Retrofire, could you please give more details ?

(or is this some kind of scam ?)

Hi :)
not a scam at all :) I just noticed it should have been posted in classifieds according to the blog rules and do moved the post to the classifieds instead :) sorry :)

Apologies for the typo :)

thanks for the clarification !


I am looking for work in Malta! Actually, I'm in St Julians. Could you give me more details, please? Thank you in advance. Greetings :)

Yes, I am. Sixty eight, fit and spent many rears in Airline traffic capacity. Can forward a CV .Live in the Qawra district.
      cheers Rich.

You have replied to a post from 2011!

Yes im looking for job in malta please help me

Did you not see the last post, this topic is from 2011 - 6 years ago!


Bikash26 :

Yes im looking for job in malta please help me

As mentioned on the last post, you have answered a post from 2011 !

Ray, does that matter?

matetsidik :

Ray, does that matter?

No it does not matter, feel free to waste your time!
I think after 6 years the vacancy may have been filled, don't you?


matetsidik :

Ray, does that matter?

Try starting a new topic or look and advertise in the jobs section.


Hello everyone,

Closing this old thread.

Please refer to the Jobs in Malta section of the website if you are either looking for a job or proposing one.

Thank you,

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