UAE moe Teacher recruitment process2021

Is there anyone know about uae moe recruitment process.i hv cleared the online assessment two weaks ago and i got a mail saying that an online interview will be conducted after 10 working days.But till no information about the interview. Is it usually happens in the process?? Please reply anyone who knows about the uae moe recruitment process.

Please guide as to how to apply for these jobs?

Did you get any reply on interview yet?

    Thank you very much for providing information about Teachers vacancies. It is very kind of you to do this. 

Sandra Fernandez

Did you receive any mail recently from Moe?

Yes, my recruitment agency recently heard from them that they are resuming the ttp under the newly formed ES.

Hello .. I would really appreciate it if you tell me more about the online assessment. What kind of questions did they ask?


I am also looking for a teacher job in UAE & this is very interesting stuff which you have already shared.

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