MDEC processing time

Hi all,

I am a French national who applied Employment pass and dependant passes for my family through MDEC.

The current status is "IMM decision stage". Does anyone know how long it takes this stage with this pandemic situation?
From the MDEC website the SLA is 7 days, our application was submitted 2 weeks ago.

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Hi Dan, i am also waiting for the same been more than two weeks now. I would suggest you to wait for me its still under process. Yoy may consult with your employer.

Hi Fk0102,

There is the latest status that I got from my employer.

Since how long does your application stay in IMM decision stage?

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Two weeks be the time. I guess its due to pandemic the approvals are getting delayed.
On other posts people have mentioned me that it took more than 15 days for them for EP and dependent pass around a month.

Thanks for your reply. I hope that our employment passes will get approval soon!

Hi Dan, fk0102,

Mine went to decision stage on 22 March and approved on 06 April. My employer has Msc status.

Hope this helps you.

Hi Stehenallien,

Thanks for your input! Lucky you :)

May I ask you 2 questions:
- did your application included Dependant passes?
- did you get MyEntry approval ?

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It is common for applications to take 2-3 weeks nowadays upon submission, most probably due to the pandemic. I have been helping expats for MyEntry and Employment Pass with MDEC . If you have enquiry for MyEntry, you may ask me via +60125083182

Hi Dan,

I don't have any dependent and currently I m in malaysia, and I recently changed my job. So my new employer applied Ep for me.

Hope you doing well, actually I'm looking to move to Malaysia for a job, I'm a Telemarketer for USA based projects, can you do me favour and let me know that these jobs are available in Malaysia? If they are available then what is the salary for a call center agents?
It'll be very help ful for me

Warm regards,
Syed Wajid ali Naqvi,

Hi Cheryllau, Stehenallien,

Thanks for the information.

@Cheryllau: I am still waiting for the employment pass approval. However to prepare the next step, do you have any tips to increase the chance to get MyEntry approved? For MyEntry application I am wondering if a justification letter from the company is enough or we need to request a support letter from MDEC?

Many thanks in advance for your advise,

Hi ,

Is your EP approved ?

Thanks in advance :)


My EP is not yet approved.

Myentry would be taken care by your employer. Once your ep is approved. My ep got approved in 4 th week. Now they will initiate my entry approval process.


What's the average time now for EP approval ?

Thanks in advance

It is about 3 to 4 weeks. What is your EP category as i know it differs for EP1 EP2 and3.

Hi all,

I just got my EP approved :)
As Fk0102 the process takes about 3 to 4 weeks.

Dear ndan12,

When is your employer submitted for EP with MDEC ? May I know the exact date ?

Thanks in advance :)


My EP submission was done on 23th of March.

hi everyone,
may I know...
what types of ep are u talking about here?

my employer lodged an application on behalf of me on 03-February-2021....and they claim it still under process with immigration....

is that normal? is ep type 2....and intend to work in a public university as a lecturer.

any info would be appreciated.

Hi Usam Tm,

We are talking about Employment pass process for IT companies registered with MDEC.

Hi All, congrats to ndan12, FK0102 for getting your visa approved.

Actually I am facing the same situation, my employer submitted my EP visa on 2nd of March and till now they are informing me that it's still under process however it's been long time without any update. My visa EP2 by the way, do u have any idea how longer it will take? As I am really worried for taking such long time without any updates.

Hi Rosee...

I hv been waiting since early febtuary 😅.

my employer applied for my ep2...and till now it is still under process...

however I am not in IT field...and I think it is under ESD.

Ooh I see, Actually mine is with MDEC so I have no idea whether both have same process or not. I hope we can hear any update soon, and If anyone of the expats here can advise us it would be appreciated.

Hi Rosee10,

Is this a new employment pass or renewal ?
Your EP category is II right ?
May I know the exact status of your application , is it under process or imm decision stage ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Sam,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes it's a new EP category 2. Previously I was working with different company but I resigned and went out of Malaysia because I got this new offer and now I am waiting for this new visa with the new company.
Last time When I asked the employer, I have been told that the visa is in process and they are still waiting for the MDEC approval, So I am bit worried and I have no idea how can I make sure by myself about the visa status.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Rosee10,

Thanks for the reply, as per my understanding there is some changes in EP process from Jan 2021, so you need to ask your employer about the exact status of your application, I mean current exact status
If Employer waiting for an EP slot or acknowledgement letter from MyFutureJobs team it may takes some time

Once MDEC received your application with their verification it will take maximum 7 working days but in this pandemic and ramadan days it can be up to 4 weeks to get approved

I believe you are familiar what is  MyFutureJobs website

anyone else have any suggestions or feedback feel free to share here


Hi Sam,

Thanks again for your clarification. Yes I guess I am little familiar with MyFutureJobs website however I have some concerns. I will ask my employer again about it and I hope I get good news.

Thanks a lot Sam.


i am outside malaysia and applied for new EP.
My Visa type is EP2 category, Status changed to IMM decision pending on 13-April-2021.
In current scenario When can i expect approval letter

Thanks in advance.


I just got approval for my EP, its takes me exact 19 working days :)

Hello Sam,

That's really good and positive news , congratulations. I am still waiting for mine.


glad to hear that...such a good news.

I hv a question that may look silly abit;

how can I check the status of my application via ESD if I dont know the company registration number...

should the employer inform me about it so I can check the status by myself?


hello friends...

finally my EP got approved...and now will apply for my entry...if u guys can help me with some inquiries...I would really appreciate:

1. myentry should be submitted by employer or by myself?

2. does it easy to get visa is EP2? or it will ge rejected many times based on ur experiences?

3. last: once long will it be valid?

because I want to resign from current job in my country...but dont want to resign n wait for very long time

really appreciate any help

Hi Usam,

Many congratulations and thanks for sharing such a good news. Best of luck in your new job. Regarding to your questions actually I am not pretty sure so I hope one of the members here can assist you.


Hi Usam,

1. myentry should be submitted by employer or by myself?
    Ans : both of them can apply for the same

2. does it easy to get visa is EP2? or it will ge rejected many times based on ur experiences?
  Ans : Its depends on your justification which you going to submit, you should need to
            write down  such a clear justification for the same, your employer can help you
           out the same

3. last: once long will it be valid?

   Ans :  Its valid for 60 days, some of them got 90 days as well


@Sam Paul

Thank you soooooooooo much

Hi everyone,
As I know there's new regulation regarding expat hiring that the company must submit something called FKW Projection and also have to advertise job vacancy in MyFutureJobs portal. Did all of your company already following those steps before applying for your EP?
My current situation is my ex-employer submitted online cancellation for my current EP by this second week of May, but my new employer projection status sill pending. From what I understand the projection status need to be approved first before the company can hire expat? But my new employer also said the have submitted my EP application already. Will it cause any issue if by the time my EP is cancelled but the projection status still pending? Can I still stay in Malaysia in that case or I have to leave?
Is posting job vacancy in MyFutureJobs compulsory for the company to be able to hire expat? My new employer insisted that it's not compulsory. So I'm a bit confused and worried right now.

Hi Hidezawa,

I was in the same position as you earlier this year - moving companies but nobody could give a firm answer as to whether or not the new process you outlined above has already been officially implemented.

To be safe, my new employer posted the job on the MyFutureJobs portal, and we proceeded with the EP cancellation & application process.

My application was submitted on the 23rd of April, and still haven't gotten an outcome.

Hi Guys,

My employer just submitted my application for EP 2. How long should I expect to wait for it? Thank you for your answers in advance.

Not only Projection, before even applying for EP your company has to complete the FSK Projection for 1 month, then submit necessary documents to get SOSCO approval letter or an exemption letter. Without these 2 these is no way your EP gonna be approved.