How to update new passport information at the NPRA?

I renewed passport of dependent and LMRA requested to have passport information updated at the NPRA but have no idea how? is there an online application to that?
Appreciate any feedback.

Usually (before covid), you used to take both passports to npra and they would print sticker and put it on new passport.  Try to go to npra desk in lmra Sanabis or Mina salman to do that.

I thought there might be an online arrangement due to COVID19 precautions.
Thanks Again XTang!

Hi Xtang,

Passport information update was done online over NPRA website.
however, GDNPR is closed and they advised to stamp the visa sticker in Muharraq police station! This place requires SKIPLINO booking!
It is crazy how they make people investigate about the procedures and waste big time.

Getting an appointment on SKIPLINO for NPRA is like winning a major lottery  with one in a million odds! For NPRA appointments, SKIPLINO opens at midnight and closes about 2 minutes later!

Hi Alienn,

Really it opens for only 2 min??? why is this complexity??

What he means is that it opens and all appointments filled within 2 minutes.

I tried it last midnight ,, it didn't get through for a second. it must have been filled before it opened.
is there any other way? this is really a lottery like.

Find a PRO/document clearing agency and pay them to sort it out for you.

so it is about money again!

Hi. Can anyone tell please
If we apply a single expat visa and visa is ready  printed.
But expat lost his passport in his country and his visa is on previous passport but he got new passport with new passport number as he lost his old passport
So what is the procedure to update his new passport in immigration or LMRA as he is not in bahrain. And its possible to update his new passport on same visa issued by lmra/immigration of Bahrain.
Please guide


Try to contact NPRA and submit an application for update renewed passport online.

Hi omeid , May i know how did you updated new passport info through NPRA website ? I couldn't find that section to do that.

I visited LMRA mina salman branch and updated the new passport info.

Thank you for sharing the information @veershoor

I did it once over NPRA website under visa & residence affairs.
It is good to know that Mina Salman is accepting applications again; to my knowledge all visas, residence, and police related issues have been assigned to Security complex in Moharraq.

Dear Muhammed,

Have you been able to resolve this matter with your new passport from abroad?


Hi Omeid

Do you remember how long did it take to update the passport online through NPRA? Also if you recall what documents you uploaded online.



one of our employee's wife was on a dependent visa. her old passport expires this August. She got a new passport . I update her old and new passport details through the Npra service. I got a message from npra service that it's updated .so  her visa expired last May so I renewed it before her visa expires. still, her new passport details are not updated in lmra still showing old passport details. while I am checking in lmra it's showing ( dependent application awaiting NPRA for rp issuance).

Wait for the RP to be issued and then check.

Hello hamad99,

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Could you please tell us what exactly is your question here?

If we know, it will be easier for us to help you.


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Anyone can tell me , how can I get visa sticker on my passport .

Now a days bahrain gives only evisa but I want to get my visa sticker on my passport .

They stopped giving it so you are out of luck.