How to update current sponsor details in my cpr

Hello friends,

Recently I have transfered my job from one employer to another by mobility transfer with the approval

from the old employer.  Yesterday I have visited to the bank to open saving bank account , the bank

official informed that my cpr is NOT UPDATED with the new sponsor name.  He advised to update the

cpr first and then need to visit to the bank again.

Can anyone guide me please, how to update my cpr with new sponsor name ?  whats is the procedure

Is it possible to do by myself through online ? or need to visit to any official department?

Yes brother you have to go cio office in your area where are you living in Bahrain and take your passport with stamp new visa page and cpr too and tell them I want to update the cpr information only not the new cpr because for updates the cpr there is some separate counters ok hope you understand

And they only charge 1bd fee of cpr update

Hi Nasim,

Thanks for your reply.  I am living in Muharraq area, I am having my CPR, ORIGINAL

PASSPORT WITH STAMPED NEW VISA.  Anymore decuments needed more ?

Can you guide me where is that office in Muharrhaq area ?

Yes only passport and cpr no other documents u need I think and for office location contact 80008001 Bahrain contact service they will guide you but I think there only one office near the isa town but better u call first thank you

Thank U once again   Nasim :)

They might also ask you for proof of address in the form of an EWA bill or Municipality letter.

Well,   XTang  Today I have called them for more details, they had been informed that

I need to make appointment through my HR or through any other agent to do the updates

also informed that it is NOT possible to do by myslef.  I am really surprising that

this is my personal work, but they insist to do through someone like agent.  But

unfortunately the agent asked more money for this service.

By the way I dont have self address proof, even I never liked to do any change in the

address, so just looking for only updates in the sponsor name.

Please tell me the simple procedure to do this update on current sponsor name instead

of old sponsor name in the CPR

Hi sam I do the same thing before no need agent just your cpr and passport and go to isatown cio when you enter the chip updates area is on your left side with the saparte door entrance dont go to in front counters no need bill or any address the address only need when you apply new cpr and this is only update the information about sponsor I think  or if any other thing xtang will tell you hope u understand now

Hi Nasim,

When you have done this ? recently ? or how many months before ? please

Last year and more interesting thing I telll u about the person lady seting there on main reception even she also told me go to agent u can't do that but I have done with my self if u ask this thing no body tell you the right answer so try and go there after update here oky

Hi sam0000089,

Please do online appointment by using following link … 2IE10618I5

Hi Kumar,

Still the online booking for new appointment asked for agent or company cr no and

other details.  So it is not possible for the individual to book for new appointment

Look, I have already mentioned it on many other threads.  As per process, you NEED to have an agent or your sponsor do it for you.  In the past i.e. a year ago, it was relaxed as they hadn't implemented the electronic appointment system and sometimes individuals were entertained depending on who was at the counter.  Today, it doesn't work.

The only way you as an individual can do that is if you are an authorised or responsible person in your company and / or are self sponsored.

Hi  XTang and Nasim

Well I was visited yesterday to the office in Isa Town area, approached to many more persons in the counter.  The reply was same I can not do individually .  Need the assistance from my HR or any agent.

Finally dicided to returnback , FORTUNATELY found a person in outside who was a Arabic man, talked to him and explained him about my work.

He made a deal and asked for 10 DINAR for this just 1 minute work, I accepted.

He was taken my original passport and original CPR went to the counter where he had his own friend, just done the work within 1 minute.

He returned back and handover my updated CPR.

So it was happened by just 10 DINAR.

Yep as I told you, you need an agent.  But yes, there are many of those just lounging around those offices and will do it for you.

Hi  sam0000089,

Thanks for your update.

Hi XTang,

If even sponsor goes with non bahraini employee to get cpr card  (first issuance) for his non bahraini employee   in Isa Town,counter people ask 10 BD.Sponsor brought all required documents.

But!ut/p … S9nQSEh/#2  says First issuance of identity card for employees registered in LMRA : Free.

Please clarify  is issuance of cpr  in this scenario   free or 10 BD chargeable ?.

I stopped sponsor to proceed .I have told him  to proceed after your update.

Thanks in advance.

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