How to get a police clearance / good conduct certificate in Bahrain?

I was in need of one recently and looked around the internet and found out that most of the information was either out dated or was conflicting.  So I am reproducing my own experience of getting this recently i.e. last week.

There are two types of clearance certificates given.  One is a generic good conduct certificate which is given for immigration purpose and the second is for employment.

The information given here is for the former and is for people who are based in Bahrain / present in Bahrain and can go get this done themselves.

Where do you need to go:

The CID office in Adilya.  Not the main one but the one directly opposite the Alumni club.  Generally there are no parking issues and you can find a spot.

EDIT Jul'19:  This office has shifted to the General Directorate of Traffic area in Isa Town. Thanks to d3ns06 for providing this information.

What you need to take with you:
Copy of latest passport
Copy of first residence permit for Bahrain
Copy of last (and sometimes asked, all others) residence permit for Bahrain
Copy of CPR
Filled out form (this you can also get and fill at the CID office.  Make sure to have all necessary information to fill it.  The tricky bit is employer details where you need to have their CR number as well as full address. A lot of people may not have it available with themselves readily)
One passport size photograph - either white or grey background
Request letter - Generally not asked for.  Except for some countries like Canada where the process requires it (from Canadian side). For others, there is no need or you can provide a handwritten request

What is the process:
The timings are between 730 and 130.  You need to go to the second floor.  There is a seperate section for ladies.  Go in, take the token and wait for your number to be called.

When the number comes up, the officer will take your documents and check if they are in order.  He will attach the application and ask you to pay 1 BD and hand over a receipt.  You will then be referred for finger prints.  This takes time as they fingerpint every finger/thumb as well as palms and side of hands. If it's done once; will not be needed for subsequent certificates. 

For people outside Bahrain, you will need to provide fingerprints on the form which are done by the police in your current country, attested by Ministry of foreign affairs in that country and then the subsequent Bahrain embassy in that country.  Very cumbersome so it's advised to get this done when you are based here so that in the future for any certificate, you can easily engage an agent to do this on your behalf when you are not here without resorting to the whole fingerprint documentation.

After fingerprints, you are done.  An sms will be sent to you once the certificate is ready.  It usually takes one week.  Once you get the sms, go back, go to the first floor, present the receipt and collect the certificate.

Update - Dec'19 from one of our members, Osama Hafeez:

1.    Take with you a debit card along with you, If you have a card with you, you can pay it there and then at the counter. Because If you take cash with you, you have to deposit the cash in a kiosk and provide that receipt to the Customer representative handling your case, which takes much more time.

2.    If you have gaps in your stay within Bahrain, possibilities are you will end up paying more. I paid 2 BHD for my wife because while switching jobs I sent her back and she had a gap of more than 6 months.  ( so she will get two certificates, one the first term when she was in Bahrain, and other one for the recent term.

3.    Once you park the car in the parking go towards the Vehicle violation department (entrance near the mosque, once you enter take a left and keep walking till you see the vending machine, next to the vending machine is the gate of CID office ( See picture attached ).


On March 2019, I sought help in this group on how to get Bahrain Good Conduct Certificate(GCC) for my parents who lived in Bahrain in the 70s and 80s when CPR numbers were not used. I have an update.

My dad's CPR number was found so I could use it to apply for his GCC. My mom could not find her CPR. I took her documents to Bahrain and after visiting few offices accidentally bumped in to my mom's CPR number in one of her old passport pages. CPR number are unique for every individual and starts with the year and month of birth. A good Uber driver (Mr.Subbaiah) in Bahrain told me about that so I was able to recognize that number as my mom's CPR number. It started with 5407, 1954 my mom's year of birth and 07 her month of birth.

Once I found the number, the process of applying for GCC is simple and straightforward as updated by a member in Dec 2019 in the initial thread.

Thanks for this thread that helped me when I was in need.

Best Regards,

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