Lost cpr replacement

Hello have been working in Bahrain since 2018 December
On November last year I lost my CPR
What are the procedures should I follow for a replacement
Pls help

Go online on bahrain.bh and go to identity services.  Go to identity card issuance services.   Enter your CPR number and follow the prompts to request lost / damaged CPR.

If it doesn't allow you i.e. because of issues in address or data, they will ask you to go to the CPR office in Isa Town.  In that case, take an appointment and go get that done.  Else go to VIP services, pay 10 BD and get a replacement CPR - take passport with you.

My boss gave to someone who stamped my passport for visa renewal he told me that they need electricity address and I do live with my boss n they cannot use it she also doesn't know what to do

Get a letter from the person who has the electricity in their name confirming that you live with them.   Or take the landlord with you.

So I should tell my Bahrain sponsor to go with me because I live in the same house with her and family

The person who owns the apartment or the person whose name the EWA meter is in - needs to go.

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