I am looking to bring my family to live in Bahrain on my Saudi Iqama


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I just registered on expat.com .

I have just recently been relocated by my company to Dammam and I am looking to bring my family to live in Bahrain on my Saudi Iqama . Is that still possible ? Please can anyone help me and point me in the right direction ? Due to work I have been away from my family for far too long and after going to 2022 & 21 like that thru Covid ... being away from them is no longer digestible .

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Please note that I have created a new thread from your post on the Bahrain forum so that members can guide you.

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Please read the below thread

In addition to that, what you are looking for is called an "Endorsement RP".

Here are the requirements:

All family members need to have Iqamas.  This is renewable every 6 months.  You get CPR number but not a card.  This means you can rent places and put kids in schools but can't do much else - banks habitually refuse to open accounts with this.

Other options are:

1) Get a Bahrain work permit from an employer
2) Buy property
3) Set up a company
4) Apply for Golden visa if your salary in Saudi is 4000 BD or above per month

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Thanks for you guidance!

Last week I've visited Muharraq NRPA branch for issuance of Endorsement residence permit for foreign companies having all required documents.

Surprisingly the local staff including supervisor were not aware about this type of the permit and said that the only option is to apply for 2 years residence permit which required also issuance of the permit for my self which wasn't even planned)

Seems that it is not so easy as expected.

What could be your advise? Applying online and hoping that the request will get suitable solution?)

Apply online.   And you should have just told them "Paper CPR".   Anyway the endorsement permit will be issued for all, not just the family.


I have saudi iqama with engineer professional and want to leave in Bahrain with my family who is currently in india. Please could any one let me know the entire step by step process to bring my family to bahrain and reside?



I have saudi iqama with engineer professional and want to leave in Bahrain with my family who is currently in india. Please could any one let me know the entire step by step process to bring my family to bahrain and reside?


You will have to apply for 6 months residence permit every time or else you will have to get an employment offer in Bahrain and get an employment visa or start a Business and get an Investor visa.

I have saudi iqama with engineer professional and want to leave in Bahrain with my family who is currently in india. Please could any one let me know the entire step by step process to bring my family to bahrain and reside?


Read this thread.  All options have been listed above.


Consider applying  for a golden visa for you and your family members.

Yeah if your salary is 4000 BD plus.

Consider applying for a golden visa for you and your family members.

I am not interested in applying for the golden visa mainly because of the 3 months in a Year rule mandatory stay in Bahrain.

No one I know, is interested to apply for a Golden visa on the basis of property investment for exactly this reason.

The only ones who are applying are (and for whom it makes sense):

1) People who are working in jobs in Bahrain and the Golden visa gives them additional peace of mind

2) People who are outside Bahrain with salaries of 4000 BD plus

I was travelling into Saudi last night with a few friends, both of whom are on self sponsorship visa while their property holding is 400K BHD plus and they had the exact same issue with the Golden visa.

However, for point number 1, people who are senior (and ideally in the banking / financial services sector) i.e. like C-levels, they are getting calls nowadays asking if they want the Bahraini passport.  2 of my friends have gotten it recently (through these calls - they never applied).   So practically speaking, the point 1 above is really only for people who are not at that seniority level or prominence.

@XTang you mention if this post that a person can apply for a Golden Visa if salary in KSA is min 4000BD per month.

Does the person need to be retired or does it still apply if the person is currently working?

If you have a salary then you are not retired, are you? :)

I know quite a few people who are working in KSA and who applied for & got this.

Hello All,

if I have an iqama, sponsor my dependents with the iqama but all of us live in Bahrain, do I have to pay the 400 SAR per month per dependent as we were all living in Saudi?

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The 400 fee is FOR the Iqama.  It doesn't matter where you live.  You have to pay it while you maintain the Iqama.

The only way out is to cancel family Iqama and sponsor them in Bahrain via another method e.g. property etc.

Thank you. Would this work?

1 - I get the Iqama, paid by company

2 - I organize my CPR in Bahrain with support from my KSA company (letter of employment)

3 - I sponsor my dependents in Bahrain directly from CPR

Am I missing some steps?

Thank you

I don't think you are getting the point.

For point 2, you DON'T get a CPR. You get a paper CPR which is just a number. As you are NOT a resident, you just have a renewable 6 month endorsement permit.

So for point 3, you CANNOT sponsor dependents on this basis as again, you are NOT a resident. You just have a visa. They can only be sponsored by you on the basis of Saudi Iqama NOT your paper CPR.  This means that they need Saudi Iqamas.  Which in turn means that you have to pay dependent fees. 

Is this clear now?

That is why I said you need some other way e.g. buy a property and get a visa on that basis, set up a company etc.............all of these are listed on the forum as stickies.

Honestly, from my perspective, the endorsement RP method is flawed.  You have to renew it every 6 months and while it allows you to live in Bahrain, you won't be able to open bank accounts, buy cars etc.  On top, the family will need to exit periodically to Saudi so that they don't stay outside the country beyond the period of their exit re-entry, issue a new one and then go back to Bahrain.

@XTang Got it thanks


I think my issues which I will raise below have been mentioned in some threads but I need to verify in case existing laws have been changed or amended since 2020-2022 or at present (2023). 

My husband will be transferred to Saudi soon.  He is yet to setup his Iqama and CPR afterwards.  HIs employer in Saudi (without any business in Bahrain) says that we, his family, can live in Bahrain (direct without having us having any Iqama application), thus, implying that we, his family, can obtain a visa or whatever it is called to live in Bahrain.  Is this a fact?

I have read from past posts that an Endorsement Permit is needed nowadays.  I have a friend whose wife was able to live in Bahrain back in 2018 on the basis of the procedure above (She has a Card CPR but husband working in Saudi has only Paper CPR. She does not have any work in Bahrain nor do they have any business, but she was able to open a bank account in Bahrain).  But, now, I am not sure if the same procedure will hold true.  Please help what is the exact procedure and requirements for a family to live in Bahrain when husband is working in Saudi Arabia via an Iqama.

Thank you in advance for the response.

@daznar did you get iqama for family if you need to settle them in Bahrain while you work in Saudi?

where did you apply and any reference, step, procedure you can share ?

the type of letter from the company in Saudi ?

appreciate your guidance.

This question gets asked every other week. It would be good if people could read the previous answers especially since the last answer i.e. post #20 was given back in March 2023 - so it can be considered as recent.

I think your friend and employer are either confused, don't remember the process or don't know what they are talking about. You CANNOT get a card CPR in Bahrain as an expat without a FULL residence permit (work, dependent, investor, property owner etc.). Your friend probably doesn't remember what was done to get her the card CPR so I would totally discount whatever she says. As far as the employer is concerned..........every Dammam/Khobar/Dhahran employer says that at time of hiring (usually to westerners who are worried about living in Saudi.  They say a flat no to people from the sub-continent :)), to get the employee down on the ground........practically, they don't know anything and even at the best of times (and with good intentions), they are assuming that the process will be the same as that for Saudis (who can indeed live here like that).

First, read this thread from start to end.........including all replies for any clarification as the information is recent and up to date. Don't bother with "he/she said"............you can either rely on the information provided here or on the immigration website.......or take the word of someone who doesn't give you any details on how to get what they say is possible. I can tell you from now, once you question these people in detail, it will lead you to one of two outcomes i.e. they either can't substantiate what they said or will give you information which is already listed on this page. I have seen this hundred of times before - in fact, every other week someone comes here quoting second hand information as well as some people I meet in real life.

To keep it simple:

Endorsement RP (Paper CPR) is needed to stay in Bahrain in your case. For that, ALL of you will need Iqamas. Even with this, opening bank account will be a problem as banks will not accept this in place of a card CPR (You will have to run around to find a bank which will open even a savings account - forget credit cards and the like). On top, if you lose your Saudi Iqamas, then this also gets cancelled. If you read the previous post, I have stated all the drawbacks of this very clearly.

Apply and read about requirements here (Official Immigration website - Exact procedure as per your request):

https://www.npra.gov.bh/en/services/vis … companies/

Other options to stay in Bahrain with a FULL residence permit / CPR are to get a job, buy a property (process listed in sticky on main Bahrain forum page) or set up a company (process listed in sticky on main Bahrain forum page),

Hope it is clear now?

Hey XTang,

You've been a great help to everyone. I read all the posts from the top and would like to add additional query.

I am working in KSA and wanting to move my family to BAHRAIN. I have a Bahraini friend who has his own business/ Company (active). He can help my spouse with a work permit. Although she won't be physically working with him but this arrangement is for us to have an Iqama in Bahrain. First question: Can myself and children get the residency as a dependent to my wife? Second question: Usually what expenses are involved for maintaining a residency considering I wouldn't want to burden my friend for any cost that may incur out of our residencies. (Initial charges involving Visa and yearly renewal costs).

Pls advise.



Yes wife can sponsor kids if husband gives an NOC through the notary in Bahrain.  The costs are visa costs plus (I think) 5 BD per month per work permit as well as SIO cost (%age of registered salary is paid to them).  You can look up the visa costs on LMRA website.