Failed to do TB test

I have been living in the Netherlands for 4 years now and my partner for 8 years. We both are from a country where TB test is mandatory on entering NL.

But we never got any letter or appointment from the GGD for this so we never took one.

Can you please advise what can we do? Can you also please explain the penalty for not doing this test. I read in IND site that they can take back our Resident Permit. Is that true?

Yes the IND can do that. The penalty? They can expell you from this country.

Act now and ask for an test, with some kind of excuse you forgot to do it.

Thanks for your reply. I will contact GGD for an appointment and get things moving. Will keep this thread posted on how it goes.

@SLB57 Hi SLB57. I know this was 2 years ago but i hope you are still online. I am in a similar situation and will take the GGd test even with the delay? Could you share what happened next after you took the test? did you inform the IND of the mistake and find a way to apologize? really appreciate