Moving to NL and I'm 5 months pregnant!

Hi all,

Just wondering If anyone can share birth experiences in NL.
I am married to a Dutch and we both live in Singapore for the past 10 years.
Would appreciate if anyone could share anything related
To pre And prenatal experiences and perhaps
Confiment nanny availability in NL.

Many Thanks!

When you have a normal pregnancy you can choose if you want to give birth at home or in a hospital. 
When you give birth in a hospital you can leave after one day if everything is alright.
The pregnancy checks are provided by a midwife.

When you have a medical indication you get the pregnancy checks by a gynecologist at a hospital where you also go to for the delivery. How closer you reach the date of delivery how more checks you will get, it the last month this will be every week.
Six weeks after the delivery you will go for the follow up check and they check how you and your newborn will do.
The health care in the Netherlands is at a high level so you don't have to worry about this.

Normally a pregnant woman arrange maternity care in the first three months of her pregnancy. The maternity care will come to your house and take care of you and your baby, clean the house,receives guests and cook if necessary. She will stay for app. max 10 days.

I don't know if you are still in Singapore or in the Netherlands but if you want to arrange maternity care you can do this with a commercial organization.

After the delivery your baby must go on a regular basis to a clinic (consultatiebureau) where they check him/her if he/she grows good, eat good, get vaccinations etc etc.
And if you have questions or you worried about something you can ask them for advise or help.

I hope this will help you and if you have some questions you can ask.

Wish you all the best.

Many thanks for your advice.. We are still in Singapore and will be leaving month end to Amsterdam.