Medical Career in Netherlands?

Hello all,

I have my Bachelors Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science here in the states and I currently work in a Lab at a very sizeable Hospital, basically i'm a Lab Technician. I was wondering if anyone would know how the job market looks in the Medical industry, and if you could suggest some places to start looking. Thanks to anyone that can help.

you are going to have to find a link for your particuliar profession. i had to do the same. i am a nurse anethestist. luckily my job exists there. there are a few stepping stones to get licensed. for instance, i have to pass the NT2 and i have to equilize my diploas with an organization. and that costs money, too. and, i found job postings on hospital sites. just look up the hospitals in the city you are moving to and they have websites and job postings. that's it. it's really just like finding a job in america.