Registration of non-EU Physiotherapy Qualifications

Hello everyone,

I'm a physiotherapist with 3 years of experience. I live in Turkey and am from Turkey. I digged deeply about BiG registration process and I have studied Dutch for 5 months. I know I need to have at least B2 level Dutch to get past BiG registration process and it seems to be only barrier on my way. Can anyone here help me about the job opportunuties for physiotherapy without BiG register until I am able to acquire it? Which steps should I follow? Thank you.

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You can't gain employment in any BiG regulated profession in the Netherlands without BiG approval.  If you've been studying Dutch for 5 months already, what's the problem in getting to B2?

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Hi Cynic,

I thought maybe there are some physiotherapist opportunuties without BiG register necessity to begin with.

And for the Dutch, I've been studying Dutch by myself with books, dictionaries and help from some friends but I'm not sure if it's enough or not yet. I can't make speaking practice hence there are almost 0 Dutch speakers in Turkey and language courses are pretty expensive for Dutch. I am C1 level on English so I use English-Dutch sources to study but as I said I can't make sure of my level.

Hi again.

Perhaps use some online search tool like Glassdoor; perhaps there may be some other related tasks open to you, or perhaps look for work outside the EU.

Hope this helps.

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Hi again Cynic,

Well the thing is I'm willing to work in Netherlands, specially. My Dutch level should be around A2-B1 atm. I need to get more and more words to go on. Otherwise it seems too hard for me to achieve it.

Hi again,

If you check out this link, it seems somebody may be able to help you.

Word of warning; I have no idea of who she/he/it is and whether they are competent.  User beware.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'm gonna take a look at it.

Best of luck my friend; or as they say in Dutch "Veel geluk"  :top:

Bedankt voor je hulp mijn vriend  :top:

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