Insurance issue - Please help me :)

I came in the Netherlands 6 months ago but 2 months ago i found a job so i am looking to be insured. Now they are asking me to pay all the months from the moment i got registered. Is this normal or they are trying once more as an expat to make me pay money that i shouldn't?

This is completly normal and you have to pay it.
But you can call them and ask if they can devide it up for you so you can downpay it.
Its alot of money, I know. Went though the same thing.


But is from the moment i am registered or from the moment i am starting working? Because it is not normal to pay 500 for no reason! I didn't use any of the insurances.

nantia23 wrote:


But is from the moment i am registered or from the moment i am starting working? Because it is not normal to pay 500 for no reason! I didn't use any of the insurances.

Its from the moment you registred in the city you live in. THe date you told the goverment when you registrated in your city is the date you have to pay from.

Hi Nantia,

  no that is not right. You have to pay for your insurance starting from the day your work contract started. Which insurance company you chose?

Do you also have your European Health Insurance Card?



Hello :)

My insurance company is:

My accountant told me the same but the insurance company is telling me their own stuff. And i can't figure out what is true. And i don't want to give money (a lot of money) because i am an expat and i don't know the laws.

Thank you :)

I don't have a European Health Insurance Card unfortunately because in Greece (where i am from) health was a basic and we didn't have anything to pay. Also a friend of mine (Greek) who has one gone to the hospital and they didn't accept it.

I moved here just 7 month ago and I have just been though everything.
Even if you have your european health card, you have to pay from the day you are registered.
I checked with a lawer in NOrway (where I come from), and he comfirmed its from the day you are registrated.

Hi Nantia,

  i know how the health insurance scheme works in Greece. If you
were insured under any public insurance organization in Greece you could also get the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), IKA, etc.

But anyways, did you make it clear to your insurance company that they can not charge you for all the months you are registered here but only for the months you work?

Send them back and tell them that is not correct. If they insist i would suggest to you to try with another insurance company.

If none of the above work out...delay it and try to get a legal advice. There is an agency here in the Netherlands that you can visit and ask for a legal advice. Its for free. The name is Juridisch Loket and there are offices in all the big cities in the Netherlands. There is a website too.



I told this to the insurance company and they told me that i am wrong.
So tomorrow i will go to another one and ask

DudeInNl thanks a lot :)

Hey Nantia,

  no matter what the outcome would be you should know that there is an allowance for the health insurance in the Netherlands. Its called "zorgtoeslag" and depending on you income you get some money each month to help you pay the insurance.

I think the maximun income is around 30.000euros per year. The less income you have the more you get each month.

You can apply for this whether online, or (preferably) you can visit the tax and administration office in your city to help you fill in the form that is needed.

For example i get 69euros each month. I think its helpful enough.

take care

Its not legal to live in holland without a health incurance, thats why you need to pay from the day you said you moved here.