Failed deadline for Tuberculosis test (Netherlands)

Hi All,

We have been in the Netherlands for 4-years. I recently realized we never went for TBC (tuberculosis test) although it stated in the MVV application that we should. We never received a letter from GGD or any form of communication about it ever since. I searched some expat groups and prior to 2016 it's a hit/miss if people went - not everyone received invitation letters. I am obviously so worried as I have seen by chance on the IND site that a residency permit can be cancelled if failed to go in 3-months from arrival. We missed it by years! What to do? I am so worried to phone the IND. Anyone that is/was in a similar situation?

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You're not the first person to come here telling us a similar story.  My advice is to contact IND and ask them for advice, along the lines of "we were told somebody would contact us, but we haven't heard anything yet ....."

The previous posters were told to get it done as soon as possible.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the respons. I will contact them tomorrow, just not sure what to expect since we missed the deadline by years instead of months/weeks, but I suppose IND will know the answer. Thank you anyway.

Hi _ What was the outcome?

We contacted the IND, had the tests done at GGD and wrote an appeal letter.

Thanks. So was it accepted by IND?


Yes, we received the feedback about 10-days later. Best is to contact IND, they will guide you what to do.

Hi everyone,

I have a similar problem. Currently I've been in The Netherlands for around 2.5 months. I have to visit my home country for a month. When I'm trying to book the test appointment, the next available date is during my time outside the NL. By the time I will return I will have missed the 3-month deadline (approx 3.5 months will have passed). I called the IND and the lady noted my case and asked me send a letter to IND stating that I will take the test as soon as I return.
I need to understand is this risky to travel in this condition or should I abandon my trip and stay here to finish the test first. I really need to visit my country due to an urgency.

Please advise.

I wouldn't worry about it.  You've spoken to the IND, they've asked you to write to them informing them of your circumstances and your proposal for future compliance, just make sure you do it.

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Hi MCG21 it has been many years since your post but i am in a similar situation. I have called the IND and they told me to take the Test with GGD immediately. May i ask did you write your appeal letter proactively to IND or did they write you a message after the test was done to explain yourself? Thank you so much

@PRG111 Hi,

Did you also missed the deadline ?

How did the result turn out to be ?


Hi i called the IND but they did not say anything about writing a letter he just might affect your case etc so i am a bit worried. still he told me to contact the center for testing and i proceeded with it and am hoping for the best.