Good dentists in this country?

I wish I was starting here with a better post!  I just had my first dental experience in Holland yesterday, and have been awake all night in pain from it.

I just moved here in March from the US, and don't have a dentist yet.  I need a tooth removed - the short version is that through many tears and pain yesterday, they sent me home with a half pulled tooth and said I have to come back the next day to finish the job.


I am frankly scared out of my mind to go back there today and have a repeat performance.

I did find an American dentist in Amsterdam, but it looks like they do mostly cosmetic stuff.

What I am hoping is any advice on how to get proper treatment here?  I am used to the cushy ways of doing it in the states - nice and slow, and then they give you a prescription for some kind of strong painkiller for when you get home. 

Do the dentists here just not care if they send patients home to suffer?  I hate being so melodramatic, but I can't believe what's happened to me so far with this, and I'm terrified now to go back.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I don't think you're being melodramatic at all. I know exactly where you're coming from with the level of care and comfort you have come to expect from a dentist but Dutch dentists (as you will find with most medical practitioners) are pragmatic in their thinking and approach. The Dutch are not accustomed to having local anesthesia administered (think novocaine needle). They have it but rarely use it. Another way to say it is that perhaps many Dutch citizens don't ask for it. Whichever dentist you choose or feel confortable with, you must let them know up front about your low pain threshold and ask them repeatedly to keep this in mind. Even if you have to exaggerate a little by telling him or her that you are "petrified" of pain, so be it as long as you get what you want. Sometimes a little white lies goes a long way. And unfortunately, that is how it goes with many things here, at least when the health care system is concerned. You have to make your problem seem a lot bigger and worse than it actually is in order to be taken seriously or to get a recommendation from your general practitioner to see a specialist.

Thanks for your reply.  I actually ended up going from Leeuwarden to the dentist in Amsterdam, the next day.  The dentist there was amazing - it turns out that my tooth didn't have to be pulled in the first place - the first guy didn't look closely enough at my x-ray.  So I went through all that for nothing.

So it's healing, and in much less pain now.  It sounds bad  and probably elitist, but my take-home from this is to get online and find a foreign (NON Dutch) doctor next time.  No matter what.

There might be some logic to your thinking because I, too, have a great dentist who happens to be Chinese (but Dutch born). Her Dutch is fluent and she's excellent, even by American standards! I would recommend her to you but she's located in Dordrecht (a bit out of the way if you live in Amsterdam).

I live in Leeuwarden, but willingly traveled 2.5 hours on the train to go to the dentist in Amsterdam.  I would go to France if it helps!

If you're interested, I could give you the name of my dentist as a back up...

I am a 19 year old American who just recently moved to Breda Holland! My tooth is crippling me! It cracked, and i need to find a dentist ASAP. I have no idea where to look.. I was looking for American Dentists, and found one in Amsterdam. But i saw that he was cosmetic? Can Anyone help me!! :(

Hi Gina,

The website for the guy you found in Amsterdam does make it look like he does mostly cosmetic work, but it's not so - while he does do a lot of invisalign and such, he was happy to see me for my broken tooth.

Do go see him, and tell him Erin from Leeuwarden sent you!  He's really fantastic.

Amberella, you don't have to go all the way to A'dam!! I live in Groningen (about an hour with the train) and I'm really happy with my dentist here. Here's the website:
They're not the cheapest, but they're very good and every time I've had something done they asked if I wanted novocaine. Once I had to have a root canal, which I was terrified about, but I didn't feel a thing. Getting sent home with nice strong pain killers is another story....I'm not sure you'll find a doctor or dentist here that prescribes those for "minor" procedures. They seem to swear by their orange flavored ibuprofen powder... :/

Thanks CCMarie!

I am a forever patient of my new guy in Amsterdam though - no orange flavored poweder anywhere, haha!  ;)

Well worth the train ride.


I am staying in Groningen and recently faced an accident in which one of my front teeth got half broken. Could you please suggest best dentist in or around Groningen for proper treatments.


keep clear of Dutch dentists, most of them them should not be allowed.   I still have atooth a Dutch dentist wanted to remove in about 1976. Also at other times, a total of 8 teeth needed to be removed according to them, I still have them(except 1). I get my toothwork done in either Thailand or United Kingdom, definitely never again in Netherland.

Couldn't agree more: my very best dental experiences in the Netherlands were the ones where things didn't get any worse.  I have been taking the train to Paris to visit my US trained American dentist for the last fifteen years.  I simply go Friday and then make a weekend of it... but now with the Thalys even that's not required.

Thanks for sharing your experience Erin...Who is the American dentist in Amsterdam?

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Hey what is the website of the Dentist that you said was Amazing in Amsterdam?
I need to get a root canal and some fillings and the lady I went to I think is incompetent.
Thanks so much for your help.

Who is your dentist? I'm desperately seeking one in Amsterdam.
Thanks so so much.

I would suggest to find a good dentist in Amsterdam. This website is really easy to find the best dentist close to you.


I don't understand a thing. A dentist is a dentist and as west european countries, they are good...

My wife (Dutch) was amazed when we moved to the UK and the dentist gave pain relief prior to drilling into a tooth.

Hi Amberella, can you give me the name of the dentist you said was amazing in Amsterdam,  I just moved here and need to get some work done?  Thanks.

Saltee wrote:

Hi Amberella, can you give me the name of the dentist you said was amazing in Amsterdam,  I just moved here and need to get some work done?  Thanks.

I don't think you get an answer from her as she inactive for five years. ...

But maybe others can tip you about a good and reliable dentist.

Thanks Primdonna...I should have checked the date.  Can anyone else recommend one please?

Hi, can you give me the details of the second dentist?


Hi Kat, this post is very old - best you try opening a new one to ask the question you're looking for an answer for. :)

Hi Cynic, thanks for notifying that, I should have checked indeed!  :D