Driving license in Mauritius

Can I use my Kenyan license to drive in Mauritius? If not possible, will I get a Mauritian license without doing any tests?

Hello JohnFinney,

You might be able to drive with your Kenyan license for a couple of weeks, however give the police department a call for official information : http://police.govmu.org/English/Organis … ranch.aspx

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Depends on how long you will be in Mauritius.

If you are coming as a tourist for a few weeks or one or two months, then you will be fine with your Kenyan license + an international driving permit.

But for the long term, you will need to either convert it to a Mauritian license (if this is allowed) otherwise you will need to take the driving written and practical tests.

As Bhavna mentioned, contact the traffic authorities to see how it goes.

Thank you Bhavna

Thank you Winston

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