US Citizen and one year VIsa query AND Social Security query

Any input welcome and Thank you in advance.

In the Vicinity I would like to live, a one year Visa  requires an African bank account.  Done.

The Visa requirements are to have a record of monthly deposits into your African  account-
as opposed to proof from the Soc. Sec. administration documents stating it comes to my American Bank.

Any information? that are not  available online thru the Soc. Sec. department website-
for guidelines having the automatic deposit sent directly to Tunisian Bank...

and any experience with this kind of situation are appreciated.

I think you are asking how to show proof of deposit? Your Tunisian bank should provide that.


I'm also a U.S. citizen going through the same process.

Did you open a U.S. dollar account as Dinar accounts seem to be limited to citizens or expats AFTER residency? If so, Tunisian immigration is looking for consistent monthly deposits of approx. $800usd each month for three months. I use TransferWise to move money from the U.S. to my Tunisian USD account. After three months of deposits, your bank can provide an Attestation. Regular bank statements are not adequate.

Note that I don't recommend having your SS income directly deposited in-full because Tunisia has a closed currency and you can't transfer funds out if needed elsewhere unless there is a way that I'm not aware of.

I hope this helps

Thank you very much.  Yes, your input was very helpful.
I had different information from the Tunisian helping me.
And the info. about Social Security also good to know!

I do not think there many USA citizens who attempt to live in Tunisia, outside of Tunis.

Appreciate your help.

Hi there,
I've just been on the Transferwise website and Tunisia is not listed as a country they send money to... so please can you tell me how you do this? My own US bank is no help whatsoever, and I need to shift the $800 for three months to qualify for residency. Things aren't looking very promising at the moment!

You can do that by a app in your phone!

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hi-is it possible to private message you? thanks


Yes, leave your WhatsApp number and I'll get back to you