Remotely opening bank Account

Hi All

which bank is opening a bank account remotely for foreigners, with not yet residency address in Tunisia?

I'll be appreciate for kindly responding

@erisar2001 unfortunately banks require a residency permit to open a bank account

Just got email from UIB, that they want me to book appitment to open bank account.1f617.svg1f603.svg

You can open up a bank account without a residency permit under the condition that you will apply for the residence permit.

Be very careful of banks in Tunisia they have hidden fees. My friend ended paying 13% on all his money when he tried to withdraw it from his account that he was never told about.

It is also very hard to get large amounts of USD or Euros from the bank because they never have it.

For example if you want to take out more then 1,000 euros most of the banks can't even cover it.

The debit cards also don't work outside of Tunisia, and if you want to apply for an international one they will most likely reject you on grounds of being a security risk to give a foriegner one.

Do not think you could also bring your money back outside of the country easily either. You can only take out 1,500 euros without permission from the government and they have police at entrance to the airport lobby checking people for money, and you have to take off your shoes, etc.

My advice to you is to only send how much money you need for the PR, and no more then that. Its cheaper to send money by moneygram, or possibly western union depending on their exchange rate.