How can i send money from India to Tunisia

Hello Everybody,

Can you please help me , a friend of mine is trying to send money from India to Tunisia but unfortunately Western union are saying they do not do that , Money gram to.
The only option is bank transfer and it's gonna take 15 days.
Can you help guys!!
Thank you :)

ana najjam

How is that sorry?

i can help i  have bank account in india u can deposite ther and imediatly u will got ur money in tunisia if u need u can contact me ***

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are you tunisian? and do you live in India ?



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Contact me on WhatsApp, *** I live in Tunisia and can advise you. Bank transfer does indeed take 15 days and incurs high fees.

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Yes yes course ! Just asking for a way to do that since moneygram and western union are not working for our country.

Forget about these nonsense moneygram and western union, the fees are extremely high.
I found a better site that really surprise me and kinda felt bad why i didnt know about so soon.
WorldRemit is your best way for cash pick up. use it
I transfered over 300K in the past  3 years to finish my villa in Tunisia.

What was the procedure for you, as an Indian national, to purchase a villa in Tunisia?

Bonjour Manel, ne confie ton argent à personne, tu peux ouvrir un compte en devise en Tunisie BIAT, Ettijari bank, ou autre et tu demande à ton employeur de virer ton salaire ou une partie directement sur ton compte en Tunisie. Par contre c'est un peux le parcours du combattant d'ouvrir un compte à distance en Tunisie mais en persévérant, c'est possible.