Leisure in Tunisia

Leisure in Tunisia
Updated 2022-08-08 13:24

If you are moving to Tunisia, you are probably wondering what you can do during your free time. The country provides a range of leisure activities for all tastes and ages. So grab your backpack, cap and shoes if you wish to discover the country in a different way. You are definitely going to enjoy your holidays and weekends, whether you are moving there alone or with your family.

Tourist spots in Tunisia

Why not start by visiting the different Tunisian cities and tourist sites? The following are the most popular ones:

Bizerte, Carthage, Chott El Djerid, Dougga, Douirette, El-Jem - Jerba 'Ksar-Ghilane - Ksar-ouled- Kairouan 'Soltane - Sidi-Bou-Saïd - Tozeur - Tunis - Zaafrane.

Each of these places has its own particular atmosphere, landscape and history. So feel free to inquire about these features before or during your trips.

Markets (souks) in Tunisia

Souks are a typically lively aspect of Tunisia. You should definitely not miss one of these during your stay.

There are two types of souks in the country: medinas and rural markets. You can enjoy these to shop for handicraft products, discover local food, etc.

Beaches in Tunisia

The Tunisian coastline stretches over 1,300 km, including several beaches where you can relax or spend some time with your family. The following are the most popular ones:

  • Bizerte
  • Cap Bon
  • Cap Serrat
  • Djerba (ideal for kitesurf)
  • Mahdia
  • Gammarth
  • Raoued
  • Tabarka (ideal for diving)
  • Hammam

Tunisian beauty needs no proof. Hammams are far from being a tourist attraction. Indeed, these are considered a real institution in the country, both for men and women, generally along with their friends. Moreover, these are rather affordable.

Sports in Tunisia

If you like sports, Tunisia will definitely not disappoint you. You can easily find football, diving, golf, fishing and horse riding clubs all across the country. Indeed, Tunisians are rather keen on sports, and the sports infrastructure available provides a relaxed atmosphere.

Leisure parks in Tunisia

Tunisia also hosts several leisure parks which you can discover, whether alone or with your family, namely the Friguria Park and its partly free animals, Carthageland and Aqua Palace, where you can enjoy many breathtaking water sports and activities.

Culture in Tunisia

For a better understanding of the Tunisian culture, you should probably visit the following:

  • Tunis: the Grand Mosque, Ed-Dar, dar Bach Hamba, the El-Bey turbe, Dar Othman.
  • Sidi-Bou-Saïd: the Arab and Mediterranean Music Centre
  • Bulla Regia: ancient sites
  • Hammamet: the International Cultural Centre
  • Sousse: the Archaeological Museum and its private museum of contemporary art
  • El-Jem: the amphitheater
  • Ksour: a tourist and cultural itinerary
  • Tozeur: the Medina
  • Djerba: the Lalla Hadria Museum

Of course, there are many more historical and cultural places of interest to discover across the country during your stay.

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