Honest Opinion on Tunisian Men/ Arab men

Hello, any of you here dating / or got married to a Tunisian guy? How are they? Do they behave like other Arabs or just different one?
Are you living in Tunisia with them?
Please help me on how and when to know that the guy is serious and I should move with him?
I'm a 24 years old girl from Asia :)
Thanks in advance

If you truly want my honest opinion I tell you.....forget it. He is a face on the internet looking to get out of Tunisia nothing more!! I have lived here for many years and I have seen this scam thousands of times. Find a nice guy in your country

I'm not from a western country either, if he shows interest in a girl living in India, what does that mean?

"Do they behave like other Arabs or just different one?"
How do other Arabs behave?   
How do Indians behave?
No exact answer to those questions. However, it has become a habit for many young tunisians to reach out to ladies in/from 'wealthy' countries in order to ensure access to that country, some have maintaned their relationship at a decent level but others have revealed an ugly face and became abusive.
Your guy may be really interested in and sincere with you but If is a long term unempolyed and finds execuses not to work and has no clear projection for his future, then think thrice about it!

Best wishes!

You really said it right, indians and arab are kind of same when we talk about being abusive verbally or physically to their gf/wife, this guy says things honestly to me, and i said i prefer loyalty over anything in a man! He said you never gonna see something wrong from my side, he could have been hiding truth about his past relation and all that, he didn't, yeah he says he earns money, and not talking about these, still if i see any red flag, i wont honestly go ahed with these, he kinda said he gonna meet me soon, after this lockdown ends over the world, rest i really  wanna see his dedication!  Thanks for being honest with your opinion 💙

They think anywhere but here will be better. They are usually unemployed, living off their parents.  They are not tertiary educated and most fo not have their bac. Usually they do not live in the capital Tunis but from a smaller town. Gafsa in the south used to be a breeding ground for them. Not to demean them but this is the profile of a beznezz boy.

That's really informative, okay i asked him what he does, he said somekinda zoomba sites he is dealing with, some kind ofa online business, so he is sayin he has money, let's see, i would try to know about his city and more, thanks a lot, are you from Tunisia dear?  Is it a similar Arab culture, bcs they do look kinda westernized in behaviour and dress up, would love to know about

Riif2020 wrote:

I'm not from a western country either, if he shows interest in a girl living in India, what does that mean?

That means that he has an interest in exotic women.

Try to become a Tunisian citizen and get an NRI card. That'll be the only benefit from marrying him.

I stopped talking to him, all it took two weeks, i found out horrible experiences of others, am not really wanting a guy from there actually anymore, as he is not educated, he is not liberal also, we don't really have any mutual likings opinions  etc, it would be a bad decision for me if i continue, thanks a lot to all of u ❤🙏

I dated a Tunisian guy.He asked me out first and he liked me first.We are never meet,It's not even a month we dated since we meet on Albo.Can anybody gives me advice for this relationship?I would appreciate that! I have never been in a relationship before.And he said he wanna come to my country for our meet up.He told his family and parents also siblings about me.And he said his family ok.And sometimes I feel like unwanted but maybe this is my insecurities of losing what is good to me .Thanks for reading my feelings!

maybe it is better to meet him to know him better

I know a Tunesien man from Sfax. We have been talking for 4 months. He sent me his bachelor papers for Industrial Maintenance Technician , his English course and a letter from his work, that he has been employed for 11 years there. Because I was trying to find work for him. Sadly, unsuccessful. Yes he wants to come to Europe for a better life. Not all are out for living off their women.

Do not judge all tunisian men as profiters and as they using women. i cant deny that there is some men use woman to profite money and to travel abroad, but also women should know his partener well


May I ask if this individual from SFax is 43, and an aircraft mechanic? It may be a very big coincidence, but I would really like to make sure this isn't someone I have also been talking to.

My person says he is 38 and works at Trifert, a chemical plant. He is an industrial mechanics assistant. Do you have a private e mail, where we could exchange pictures


@Guest8364 It's very interesting to come across your comment whilst scrolling through here. I have also been talking with a guy from Sfax who has the exact same qualification. I am from UK and we have been in contact for some years now (3 years to be precise). He says he loves me, more than anything but sometimes I am not sure if he is just using me for a passport. Please can you tell me more about your experience?

@Guest8364 @Guest8364

@Guest8364 It's very interesting to come across your comment whilst scrolling through here. I have also been talking with a guy from Sfax who has the exact same qualification. I am from UK and we have been in contact for some years now (3 years to be precise). He says he loves me, more than anything but sometimes I am not sure if he is just using me for a passport. Please can you tell me more about your experience? is it just the job you are helping him to get or are you in a long distance relationship??

Only for passport....take care

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@Ukgal36 There is so many negatives here. I truly do not blame you all. But I am a lucky old English woman. The moral of the story is. Do what your heart and gut feels. Because they never lie to you

That way you will find the truth 💯

I met my Tunisian man in 2012, we quickly fell in love and I cried on the way home. I got back to England and thought oh well it's a holiday romance but 2016 we were back in touch and I paid for my flight and he paid for the hotel the a week after I left he came to see me, again I had strong feelings but I had trust issues but now 2023 I am going to see him in March and then I want to drive over in June to spend 3 months together and I want to marry him now as I know he is my soul mate. We have a future together that we have built over 11 years I can't have anymore children, he is in his forties and just loves me wholeheartedly and believe me ladies the right Tunisian man will look after you and you will be his Queen. If a guy/man wants to rush things then be aware but please don't tar all Tunisian men with the same brush as like all cultures good and bad but respect your Tunisian man and he will respect you

enjoy your life while you can

@Tunisiandolly I hope you see my post on forum. Otherwise I will tell you my insane situation with my American mom she 75 marrying a25 year old from Tunisia.

Well. Wgat can you do?

@Tunisiandolly my mother's lover boy

resides in Beja.

The Tunisian men.. especially the young ones are all the same, they just want out of the country.. so many stupid women fall for their charms over and over again!!

@judz40 Well my 75 year old American mother knew hers for a couple of months then went over there for 2 months and married a25 year old con artist and she believes every word he says! It's sad to witness. She is trying her best to get him here now and send s him money, bought him a car when she was there. He pressures her to do whatever it takes to get him here and she is in la la land over him. Will turn her back on her entire family for him!!!

@Windy6996 she is so flattered because he wants to come so badly and believes it's on account of his undying love for her.  There are too many red flags waving loud and proud but she is blind and it's so hurtful!

Opinion in general on Tunisian men -

Like any other country, yes, Tunisian men are different regionally.

The food is different than an Arab from Yemen or Falestin.

I don't know which country you have a citizenship for. When I think of an Asian country, the only 2 countries I could see a Tunisian man targeting a female for marriage from would be South Korea or Japan.

You're 24 years old and your frontal cortex doesn't develop until you're 25. (typically).

Some things to know about ALL Arabs, when in a room, never put your feet up with the soles of your feet showing, this is universal among all 23 Arab countries.

Eat with your right hand.

If you have money, you will be paying whether you're the host or the guest. Men from Tunisia with proper means aren't looking to marry women they don't know they met off the internet UNLESS they're dirt poor or seeking papers to a wealthier nation.

Tunisians specifically are obsessed with harissa. My sister in law just came, she came with 3 kg.

When you marry, expect most of his earnings to go back home to his family. There's shortages of sugar, semolina, bread, flour and many other things.

Tunisia didn't sign the Hague, translation, if you have a child with a Tunisian and the male decides to keep the child in Tunisia (I've seen this happen) there's NOTHING you or your country can do to get the child back. By law, the child is considered a citizen because of their father. You need to keep that in mind.

I've been married to a Tunisian for 18+ years and have 4 children together. (My first marriage).

I was Muslim BEFORE I met my husband, I'm white + American. My friends are mostly Arabs from different countries.

I studied Islamic law aka Sharia.

Every Arab country has their own customs and traditions.

If you're not well off, since you're young, I advise you to proceed with caution. There's 8 billion people in this world. If you're NOT Muslim, the marriage will be VERY difficult. Statistics show interfaith marriages fail 70% of the time. Please research this.

Things you'll probably see, if you have wealth.

You'll have resentment b/c you'll be the work horse. Instead of paying for your life together, he'll be using any money he earns to support his family.

You'll have a simple wedding (at your expense) and he'll pay for his immediate relatives to get married if he lives with you in your home country which trust me, will breed resentment.

If your home country has better living conditions, you'll be expected to bring him to your country so he can make money. There's a shortage on USD & Euros in Tunisia which is desperately needed & the teachers have gone on strike refusing to give bakalooria grades until they're given their back pay.

The country is way worse than it was back when Ben Ali was in power prior to 2011. Inflation has hit hard.

Over all, Tunisians aspire to be like the French. 🤣Ya Rabbi Kareem.

I find Tunisians to be less religious than most Arabs until they hit around 50.

I advise you to be apprehensive and ask yourself why this guy would marry a woman he doesn't know except for internet chats. Also, there's a website called Tunisianloverats .com

My husband had me show my sister in law this since she's visiting and she is repulsed.

My husband has a law degree, fun fact, Kais, the president was his professor back in college in a class with perhaps 500 people in there.

If this guy's family doesn't have air conditioning, they're indigent. In no way shape or form and I knocking them.

The best advice I can give you is run. I've seen far too many people get used for papers. If you're not a virgin, expect to get divorced if his motive is a citizenship, I don't care WHAT he tells you.

4:34 'Men are the protectors and maintainers of women'. If this man cannot provide for you? The Quran itself demands men pay for the women.

My husband was recently complaining about a show called 90 day Fiancé. The logic my husband says is these women are paying for younger men then act shocked when they get dumped.

Remember, these are my HUSBAND'S words as a Tunisian MAN. His logic is the same despite being Arab/Muslim. I see it with Hattians, Latinos, Eastern Europeans, and men from any other economically disadvantaged nation.

Fundamentally, people are people. The food, cultural habits might be a little different but deep down people are the same.

Good luck.

Every person is differant despite the facts of some men use other women for money sex or whatever other reasons ,

Tunisian men are not all bad in my opinion there is good and bad everywhere , just because some of you had bad experience with a tunisian man before doesnt give you the right to put it on every single tunisian man

ive knowing tunisian men been used by their foreign wives refused to give them their passport and if he even think about getting out of her home she threatening him to call the police ....

every relationship is differant , im married to an irish woman no big gape between our ages i never once asked her to send me money or anything whatsoever i genuinly in love with her

in anyway it just hurt to see so many negative reviews about men in this countries which i dont doubt at all but Not all are the same.

Peace out