Leisure in Tunis

Leisure in Tunis
Updated 2022-08-08 13:21

Whether you are planning to move to Tunis or you have already settled there, you are probably wondering what you can do during your free time. As a very lively city, the Tunisian capital city offers a wide range of leisure activities to expatriates, thanks to its huge historical and cultural heritage. Sports are also very popular in Tunis.

Sports in Tunisia

If you like sports, Tunis will certainly not disappoint you. The capital city hosts not only various sports infrastructure but events as well. You can thus go swimming at the El Gorjani Municipal Swimming Pool in Sidi El Béchir, register with sports associations, gyms, or even go riding at the Tunis Belvedere Equestrian Center. Indeed, there is something for everyone, regardless of their age.

Luxury hotels also host covered swimming pools where you can swim and dive in a more pleasant environment.

Culture in Tunis

Below is a non-exhaustive list of historical monuments, museums and other places of interest which you can visit during your stay in Tunis.

Sites and monuments

Sidi Mehrez - Madrasa Al Bachiya - Jemaa Zitouna - Zaouia Al Boukria - Tourbat Al Bey - Pilot High School - Jemaa Al Haliq - Sadiki College - Souk Al Attarine - The Khaldouniya - Dar Maâkal Azzaïm - Porte de France - Madrasa Slimaniya - Kechla Al Attarine - Dar Ben Abdallah - Government Place


The National Museum of Carthage - The Zawiya of Sidi Kacim Jilizi - Carthage Archaeological Park - National Heritage Institute - National Military Museum - Cinema Museum - Postal Museum - Mint Museum


Kheïreddine Palace - Dar Ben Abdallah - Dar Maâkal Az-Zaim - Dar Ben Achour

Tunis also hosts several cultural centers, Houses of culture, libraries, art galleries, and conservatories, etc.

Family time in Tunis

If you are relocating to Tunis with your family, you will be able to enjoy not only theaters and cinema halls but also several parks and gardens where you can even have a picnic during weekends or holidays. Moreover, the Municipality of Tunis organizes summer camps every year for children. Feel free to inquire with the municipalities if you would like your children to join.

Find more information in the useful links provided below.

Useful links:

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