Lifestyle in Tunisia

Lifestyle in Tunisia
Updated 2022-08-07 15:25

For a successful expat experience, you will definitely have to adapt to your host country without having to hide yourself. Tunisia is a rich blend of traditions, religion and modernity. By choosing to move there, you will discover an interesting country that is led by Islam despite its connections with Europe and its inhabitants' traditional way of life since centuries.

Friends and family in Tunisia

Tunisians are known to be naturally happy people who like to get together. Most of them enjoy spending time with their family or friends in a relaxed yet lively and sunny environment despite low wages and many other day-to-day issues. You will be delighted to mingle with these happy-go-lucky people from which you probably have much to learn.

Food in Tunisia

The Tunisian cuisine is rich in spices, starch, Harissa (hot chili pepper paste), as well as kemias which are small snacks. Tunisian cuisine is generally spicy, but you should have no problem asking for milder versions of the dish.

You can find pretty much anything you might need at local stores and markets. Tunisian street food is hearty and rich — and there are lots of flavors to discover if you are up for an adventure.

If you prefer the comfort of the familiar, you will find several big fast food chains in the country, from KFC and McDonald's to LA's Fatburher and Papa John's.

Culture in Tunisia

Men are known to be the economic pillars of the family through a mix of Islamic and Latin cultures. In fact, Tunisians have adopted Western cultures and habits in a general and progressive way. However, many traditions are still alive within the Tunisian society.

Religion in Tunisia

When talking about religion in Tunisia, bear in mind that many taboos still exist in the country. You are, therefore, advised to stay neutral regarding your religious belief, as well as in terms of gender equality. In all cases, expats in Tunisia have to adapt to their host country and its population. It's not the other way round.

For a better integration to the Tunisian way of life, feel free to observe the people around you. As the saying goes, When in Rome, do like the Romans do! What should you do if the queue is not respected? Just impose yourself politely. Otherwise, you could just stand there waiting.

You may also seek the help of an Arabic-speaking friend to guide you with administrative procedures. In all situations, remember to wear a smile and be patient.

Workplace in Tunisia

Tunisians are generally very professional people. They are punctual and enjoy breaks, especially during the warm season.

Now that you have a few tips about the Tunisian lifestyle, you just have to go with the flow and watch the people around you.

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