Gift ideas

Hi i'm going to Tunisia to see some family friends I've met a couple times before.

When I went there a couple of months ago they all gave me and my family gifts.

My husband and i would like to take some gifts with us this time for them.
5 women (3 married) 2 men  (one married) and 3 children  (2 are girls).

My main thought is what things are more expensive in Tunisia than in Europe and the UK.

As we thought it would be a good idea to take things that we can buy cheaper than they can if that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Chocolate (all the good chocolate here costs an arm and a leg)

Maple Syrup (hard to find and really expensive)

Make up (honestly heaven drugstore makeup like Revlon and cover girl costs way too much, most of the stuff that is reasonably priced is make in china)

Creams and lotions (basically same explanation as above)

A e book reader (it's hard to find a books ... and there are NO e book readers available)

A step counter (they are here, but expensive or way too cheap to trust)

Well made Sheets or other linens (they have them here but they are really expensive)

Cheese (a weird choice but honestly there isn't a great selection on cheese, though some Tunisians don't like real cheese... parmesan, cheddar, and other aged varieties)

Liquor (way over priced and hard to find a good variety)

Poppy seeds (impossible to find)

Blueberries, Currants, Cranberries (dried obviously, impossible find)

Dried exotic fruits (really expensive or impossible to find depending on the kind)

A well made leather wallet

Wireless headphones (they don't have to be airpods 😅 but they sell good alternatives outside Tunisia that are impossible to find here)

Those are all the things that I can think of that are hard to find or cost more than there worth here or just plain unavailable

But here's the thing... Tunisia has important stuff, and it costs a lot to buy, but it's always much more expensive than it should be.

If this family has traveled outside Tunisia than you may want to just ask them... if they haven't,  I think they will be impressed when just about anything 😉

If the kids are young maybe an educational toy? I haven't seen a lot of those... make your own slime kit, telescope, bilingual e learner, legos, something unique (I'm sure they will be impressed)

Feel free to PM me if you want to connect via messenger, I think better on the fly without typing 🤣)

Thank you so much for your ideas.

We got liquor ando perfume and cheese and they were very very happy.

I really appreciate all of your suggestions. And now I also have ideas for next time.

And I got the kids and educational toy that says some simple words in English.

Thanks again for your help.

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