selling a town house in Tunisia

If a married couple, she is Irish, he is Tunisian, separate and wish to sell a house in Tunisia and divide the proceeds, will she encounter difficulties in transferring her portion  of the money from the sale out of Tunisia- to an Irish bank? The property is in his name even though she contributed half to its original purchase. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Maybe you should also seek the advice of a lawyer, he/she can give you more professional advices.
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I also hope that members will also give you their point of view and will also share some useful hints with you.


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Getting the money out of Tunisia can be hard... best way to do it is to find someone who is building a house, who lives outside of Tunisia. They need dinars you need euros. It is a win win.

Hopefully her spouse isn't planning on keeping it all... because it isn't in her name i don't know if she has a legal claim to the property.

It will be almost impossible for her to gain from the sale if the title is in the husband's name. Unless she has evidence that she paid 1/2 such as a virement from a Tunisian bank or an eft sent from an account in her name to the account of the vendor. She will need a top lawyer and the least she will pay each time they act for her is 1% of the purchase price. It will also take her years before she can get the money out 'legally'

As far as I am aware, whoever contributed however much towards the purchase of the property is irrelevant in Tunisia, in regards to how much money you will be able to reclaim in court - you gave money to a Tunisian as a gift - you did not import it/declare it as being for the purchase of a property as if you did, you'd have to do so under your own name, using a Tunisian bank account opened under your own name.

Therefore, it is money that was used by your "husband"/boyfriend/giggolo to purchase a house for himself, and should the fiscal authorities be concerned about his money being derived from criminal activities, he will be able to clear his name by showing that it was you who gave him the money.

In order to be able to remit money outside of Tunisia after a property is sold, money used to purchase the property must first be wired into a Tunisian dinar-denominated convertible bank account and within 48 hours of that being done, some extra, specific paperwork which designates this incoming wire transfer as being explicitly for the purchase of a property must be filed. You will then get something called an "investment certificate".

Without this, you cannot legally request for proceeds from the sale of a house to be remitted outside of Tunisia.

If the house was purchased during your marriage, then regardless of who contributed towards the purchase of the house and to which extend is irrelevant: you need to get a good lawyer who will assist you in getting alimony/your share of divorce proceedings (if you didn't sign a pre-nup). Be aware that, as this is Tunisia, the lawyer working in the interests of your adversary may openly advise him to bribe the judge to swing the verdict in his favour.

If you can get 50% of the value of the house paid to you in TND, there are methods in which you can move money out of the country. Speak to an accountant (in Tunisia) and he will speak of the legal and not-so-legal-but-practised-by-anyone-and-everyone methods of getting money out of Tunisia. I will tell you now that moving money out of Tunisia using an illegal method come with fees that will mean that you will lose a lot of money.

Furthermore, the house can be "tampered" with so that when the present value of the house is presented to the judge dealing with your case, your house goes down in "book value" significantly.

Essentially, there are many ways in which you can get screwed over. In western democracies, "evidence tampering" (so to speak) can land you a jail sentence, in Tunisia, this is the norm.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey though Tunisian debauchery. I see that you were born in 1999, as was I. It's a shame that you're going through this at such a young age.

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