How can a foreigner send money out with days or a day

Hello,everyone. Please how can someone coming from algeria to Tunisia send money out of the country within days? is a bank account necessarily required to be opened? can he just go direct into a WU store and send?  open to all suggestions. would really appreciate all.thank you

From ur bed
WU app
Et voila

thanks for your reply. but he doesn't have a bank account so i don't see the WU app working. He came from Algeria to Tunisia with the sole purpose of sending the money out. please help out with suggestions

You are Algerian?

No,he's a mauritanian presently living in Algeria


any suggestion please?

How long have you lived in Algeria?

just coming


My WU app works..
But how about going to a WU store in person?

Just a thought !


Tunisian can't send money out, only receive. My money is deposited in my bank in America and I will usually Western Union the amount that I will need to myself. My bank card only allows me to take a limited amount out of the machine each day so for big necessities I just use the WU app to send it to me.

I'm sorry. I just cannot help you